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Chad W. v/s CT


Who would win?

I would put my money on CT, he is bigger and stronger. Also he knows a lot more than Chad about training and he works with higher level athletes/bodybuilders. So CT would obviously kick chad's white ass.




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Triforce will give you the answer you are seeking.


This is why I rarely post here anymore.


french-canadian people arent black demdevil




Can you see the title of this thread written just above your first post? Can you see what's written directly above it? Now go and do it.



LOL danm i thought i could start a flame war =(

Bad for me D:


What a terrific post! Bookmarked!


A little late too. You should have been here a few years ago when that actually happened.

It was like this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGB_oRYCRuo&feature=related

only better.