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Chad W.'s 100 reps and Myostat

First off, if you didn’t read the original article of 100 reps to bigger muscles, here’s the link. Ignore any spaces in the link. www.testosterone.net/articles/206reps.html

I love throwing these hypotheticals out there because the responses are intelligent, well thought out and informative (much more so than the idiot like me who posts the original question!!)

At any rate, here are my latest "ponderings". Let's say you're taking Myostat and wanted to expedite the process of satellite cell maturation. Would incorporating a 100-rep scheme for your entire body, 6 days per week, help accomplish this?

Keep in mind that if you were to do something like this, you would not need to do any additional work at the gym (I don't think). 100 reps for "all" your body parts should be plenty. I guess you could try something like this while on Mag-10 or 4-AD, but I'm REALLY curious as to what kind of effect this regimen would have for someone taking Myostat.

Would it speed up the process of satellite cell maturation? Could you gain large amounts of size this way? Does this idea stink of overtraining? Does this idea stink...period? Bring on the feedback!!!

I appreciate and understand your line of thinking, but I would not recommend such a method. The 100 Rep program was designed to work with high-intensity resistance training workouts. Just performing 100 reps/day for each muscle group would not make dramatic increases in size especially given the parameters I recommend. No matter what supplement you are taking, a certain amount of high-intensity training needs to take place in order for maximum muscle growth to occur.

In other words, my 100 Rep program is excellent for helping trainees increase their recovery rate (from high intensity sessions) and help add some sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. But, using it by itself would not be the most effective way to gain muscle. An even better way to state it would be - the sum (100 Rep + High Intensity Training) is greater than its parts.
I’m not avoiding the issue of Myostat in this answer, but the bottom line is - it really doesn’t matter what supplement/steroid you are dealing with. If there is no high intensity training, results will not be optimal.
Thanks for the idea, keep thinking!