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Chad W. non-triceps program

Chad (or others),

Could you give me some input on the following chest specialization workout.

Please excuse the weenie leg exercises, but I have chronic hip issues and cannot do 98% of all leg exercises (even extensions can sometimes hurt).

Anyway, here it is…

Day 1
A1) Barbell Bench Press 5X3
Load: 5RM (rep max)
Rest: 60 seconds
A2) T-Bar Rows 5X5
B1) Triceps Cable Pressdown 2X25
Load: 27RM
Rest: 60 seconds
B2) Cable Crunch 2X (1-2 minute)

Day 2
A) Flyes 2X 20
Load: 22RM
Rest: 90 seconds between sets
B1) Leg Extensions 2X20
B2) Ham Curls 2X8

Day 3
A1) DB Decline Press 3X3
Load: 5RM
Rest: 60 seconds
A2) O/H DB Press 3X12

Day 4
A1) Dips 2X12
Load: 14RM
Rest: 60 seconds
A2) Forearm Roller 2X3-4

Day 5
A1) Incline Bench Press 3X5
Load: 7RM
Rest: 60 seconds
A2) DB Curls 3X5
B1) Leg Extensions 2X20
B2) Ham Curls 2X8

Day 6
A1) Incline Flyes 2X25
Load: 27RM
Rest: 120 seconds between sets
A2) Rev. Crunch 2X (1-2 minute)

Thanks for any and all input.


Your parameters look fine for chest specialization, try it and see.