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Chad Vaughn Wins the Arnold


Chad Vaughn took the Arnold Open class with a 147/183 330 total and after Sinclair it put him at the top. He took a shot at his own American record c&j of 190 with a 191 which he cleaned but couldn't stand up, overall he added 11 kilos to his Worlds total.


Chad had about the only good day among the U.S. lifters. He continues to be one of our most consistant performers, year in and year out.

I wouldn't have said this even a year ago but if the U.S. gets one slot for the 2012 Olympics, he may be the one to go. He knows how to win.



It'll be interesting to see who the US will take.

Chad has definitely been consistent but with Farris having nearly C&J a WR in training, that would be something. But his Snatch isn't on a par with his c&j.




No doubt that Kendrick is the highest rated lifter we have but I don't know whether he's going to remain at the high level he has been at for the next year and a half. He's certainly still the favorite.

In the U.S. system, we have to take the lifter that has the highest ranking comparatively to international rankings in his weight class. Most certainly, that will be Kendrick as it stands now. But, Kendrick is becoming more inconsistant and, to me, looks like someone that is a bit worn. Chad may have a chance to be the last man standing.

Now, whether we'll have even have that one slot is another thread entirely.



I think you should have it. I've done a little digging (seeing as the Canadian men will likely be in a similar spot as the Americans), and I believe you only need to be top 7 at the continental qualification event in 2012 (in our case, Pan-Ams) to gain that single spot. I'd hope that both our countries are capable of that. Source: http://www.iwf.net/news/news_doc/London_2012_QS_WL.pdf

As a side note, given their performance at the 2010 worlds, both our womens teams should be able to qualify spots through the world championships if they can see similar success in Paris.

As far as the actual topic of this thread, I was very impressed with the way Chad Vaughn lifted. It will be very interesting indeed to see how those top national rankings play out over the next year and a half.


Thats the same for England. Who ever ranks highest comparatively in their weight class so you could be miles ahead in your sinclair/ lifts but if you rank 15th and the other guy doesn't get near you, but ranks 10th, he goes.

Can you believe that the IOC has cut the host nations numbers in HALF? Every host nation before the 2012 Games has been allowed to send a full team but now we can only send half a team...what a load of BS.



Who do you think GB will take, Koing? Zoe smith and Peter Kirkbride?


3 Male slots, 2 Female slots

94 class Peter K will go unless if he is healthy. Best male in GB by a country mile
2 other places up for grabs...I'd say it's the 69 and 77 class guys. Not sure on the 85 class. If Sean Triboco makes a comeback and cuts to 85 I'd back him for the 85's imo. I really rate him if he's made weight and isn't injured. He's done something like 135/165-170 as a 77 before. He's up to about 105 at the moment injured. Jerked 200 off racks, very solid and slick technique. Pretty open for the other 2 male spots imo.

69 Bro, Halil, Chris Freebury,
77 Bro, Halil, Jack oliver, Graeme, Sean Clegg,
85 Sean Triboco
94 Peter K
105 Tommy Yule if he makes a come back
105+ Joe M if he totals 360 or 365kg

Zoe will go again unless she is injured for some reason.
Other female slot, f0ck knows, not sure who has the best sinclair in relation to their weight class in the world.