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Chad Smith 2165 Raw



Nice, just started his program this week too.


Nice. From what I heard he was being trained by Josh Bryant.

Hows the program look? My buddy just bought it and we are starting it together soon.


F'ing impressive


Its similar to 5/3/1 but with a bigger range of weight, more sets the first weeks. I'm actually just doing it on 2 lifts and the other 2 on 5/3/1 still since it uses the same 4 week cycles. The first week of numbers look easy but its pretty hard if your not used to it, the first 5 sets of 10 sucks but the good part is you only have to do it once. With 5/3/1 its basically the same thing week after week but with only 1 hard set so you never finish a workout thinking you never want to do that again.


Damn. That was impressive. Giving Stan Efferding a run for his money.



That's some inspirational power right there


Love that moustache!

Strong, strong work, can't wait til his next meet - his new targets are impressive if he gets there!!