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Chad Nichols stack

Chad recommend this stack for steriod virgins. what do you think:

8-12 weeks about (depending on gains he said)

400mg test En or Cyp
400mg deca ( save the deca sux posts, we know. Replace with EQ posts too)
20mg D-Bol

Armidex over Novadex throughout cycle

After cycle WEAN of test by cutting dosage in half for 2 weeks EX: 200mg week 9 then 100mg week 10

(He also said to WEAN off the D-bol for 10 days the same way, but i don’t get that)

Then HGC for 2 weeks 1,000 IUs EOD

For a beginner cycle, what do you think? I do hold his opinon pretty high being he does work with the best in the fuckin world. Hard to argue with success. We are just a bunch of local gym rats on a forum and he is “look to” by bodybuilding beasts.

i think its mild dosages which will yield mild gains. dont bother tapering the test or dbol. serves no purpose. i would love to hear the logic for this. dont use the hcg post cycle is it will continue to inhibit hpta recovery. use it during or not at all.

Deca Sux
Replace with EQ

Sorry I had to

LOL…scrappy, awesome

Chad said to taper the test so you supress the body’s natural test levels as little as possible. I was thinking of 2 weeks of clomid after HCG, but Chad does know his shit. This can be found in MD.

I don’t know who chad is but I don’t really think you should ‘wean’ off.
Read some of Cy’s articles here.
Almost any dose shuts your own T down.
So you can either be on, taking enough to grow and shutting down.
Or you can be on, not taking enough to grow, and shutting down (not good).

That’s all I would change.
But if you’re training and eating to grow and this is your first time on, I imagine this plan will make you happy.

I think you have to take into consideration that Chad deals with guys that rarely come off, if at all. You may be dropping your dose, but your body still wont be producing its own test. So now you are still “on” but at a dose that is not beneficial, might as well be “off” and start recovery asap.

the tapering will allow less suppression? wtf. you are already extremely suppressed at this point. tapering at cycles end does absolutely nothing to recover endo test production, reguardless of who “chad” is. that is horrible advice from the 80’s my friend.

They’re right. It’s been proven that there is absolutely no purpose in tapering. To put it simply, your natural production is an “on/off” switch - no middle ground. Tapering will not help.

Guys, for those who don’t know or give a flying f**k, Chad Nicholls works wih ALOT of pros on nutrition and “supplementation”. Most notably, Mr.Olympia himself, Ronnie Coleman and quite a few others that place in the top 10. The cycles looks OK, but I would drop the Deca. 400mgs of Test Enanthate & 20-25mgs of Dbol is all you’ll need your first time out. Just focus more on training, eating, & recuperating. The gains will come…

i heard hes a flaming homo.

not that there is anything wrong with that.

lmao pdog. there IS something wrong with that. funny response though. oh, and nobody will get to be mr. O with cycles like that. reguardless of who chad is. chad is a nad

That cycle was posted as a virgin cycle, which I think it is a good one. The only argument here is tapering.

chad is a nad…lmao