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Chad FAQ


Hi community;

What do you think about a "Chad-FAQ"?

It will be a nice place to avoid returning questions,relase Chad a bit and also helps newbies to orientate.

Contents could be:

-Recommended order of chads programms(for strength,hypertr.)

-The execution of his programms(the typical "failure" question,important guidelines)

-His meaning of super sets

-Possibilites of individualizing the programms(other exercises)

-progressing methods
What do ya think?

Chad faq-is good-sounds good!

Have a nice day!


By "Chad", I'm guessing you mean Chad Waterbury. If so, then, 'twas done.

Set/Rep Bible:

Waterbury's Top 10 Tips:

5 More Tips:

Another 8 Principles:

4 Myths, Busted:

Y'all are welcome. :wink:


thanx minotaur for reply-these are good articles ,indeed!

But my idea wasn?t related to tips but a specific FAQ thread to chads programms.

Because the questions for chad are alwaysthe same questions:Should i train to failurechad?,whats up with the tempo chad?,I cannot do dips-which exercise i should choose intead of this chad?...

Now what i mean? i thing such a frequently aked question thread will do good in both worlds-in ours and chads;)


Why do I get the feeling that CW would get more attention at a gym than a stark raving nekid Vida Guerrera doing bent over rows?


I do know what you mean. The thing is, those 3 questions in particular...

are exactly answered in the Top 10 Tips article. And they're reiterated in most of his other work.

Spoon-feeding knowledge is rarely good thing. If all those young grasshoppers seek the knowledge of Waterbury, they should think to read his work first, instead of asking him straight-away. Otherwise, he will keep getting the same questions, which is a waste of everyone's time.