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I did the new anti-hypertrophy program yesterday and I am sore and it was pretty good. I used 80% like it said. I did 320 for bench and did 10 sets of 3. 10 sets of 3 with 205 on bent over row. 60 seconds rest b/w each set. since i completed every rep for every set what weight do i go up too next time? how do I progress is what I am asking?

I was wondering about progression also.

Usually progression are in the 2.5% to 5% range. If I was following this workout with you poundages I would increase the bench by 7.5 pounds to ten pounds and then try for five sets of three and five sets of two (if you are feeling strong up the reps to three in as many of the sets after the first five as possible, while maintining good form). For bent-over rows try adding five pounds.
Another way to try and figure how your body is doing. Is to multiple the number of reps times the weight lifted. Now divide the total amount by your new weight and that will give you the number of reps you need to preform at the new weight to equal to amount of work you did at the old weight. Multiple it by 1.025. Divide that by ten and you have the number of reps you need to preform at the new weight. TOO MUCH WORK.
Now since this is a new workout it may take you a couple of weeks to settle in. Listen to your body, maintain good form and be sure to eat right. Best of Luck.

I thought the program already has progression built in. On Day 9, you do 4 reps with 80% of 1rm.

The progression is already set up. Look at the end of the program a little closer and you will notice that you increase to 10 sets of 4 reps the next time you repeat that workout. Good Luck.