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Chad? Are you out there?

Okay, this post is about diversity for hypertrophy, so to have Chad Waterbury himself answer it would be awesome, but I would also welcome anyone else’s comments. Anyway…

I’ve been training for two years, and I’ve gone from about 140 lbs. at about 14-15% bf to where I am now, which is 180lbs. and 8-10% bf. The problem is my damn legs. I’ve slowly built up some strength in them, but their size isn’t much greater than it was two years ago. So, I’m going to take the next month or so off from all work or school, and focus entirely on bulking up these pathetic little kickers.

Now, if there’s one thing I know my body responds to, it’s volume. That’s why DFH apealled to me so much. I plan to use a six-day split, set up like this:

day 1: quad dominant, low rep
day 2: quad dominant, high rep
day 3: off
day 4: ham dominant, low rep
day 5: ham dominant, high rep
day 6: off

I know I said my body likes volume, but is this just crazy? I would be using all compound movements, so there would also be a lot of carryover between the quad days and the ham days. Would I burn out? I would be doing minimal work for my upper body during this time frame, just a few sets of pullups or presses from time to time.

Usually I love to experiment with stuff like this, but I am also going to be doing my first foray into anabolic assistance, via Mag-10, so I’d really rather not waste a whole bunch of money just to find out how much is too much volume. Anyway, sorry for such a long post, and thankyou Chad or anyone else who answers.