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Chad Aichs in Muscle and Fitness?

Cracked me up. I laughed the whole way through.

David Barr writes for them? Cool.

Enjoy spending $500 per month on gym fees. I’ll stick to my cheap and dirty caveman gym.

I loved #7 where they have some chick looking at Aichs and posed at though she’s coaching him when he’s on that stupid fucking machine.

I laughed.

That chick that was in all of them was super hot, though.

P.S. all the articles that followed the pictures were a huge pile of steaming shit.

Exerbotics: Computer-Controlled Machines is sure as shit not going to “make traditional training obsolete”

I can relate.

That chick is Mary Elizabeth Lado

Barr is looking large.

Couple things there I would love to see the rec buy over the next year.

Im pretty sceptical about Power Plates. We used to have them in a gym I worked at, had all the training by their people, but I never saw anyone get the strength gains that they claim you get.
All I ever saw was cardio bunnies doing static stretches on them.

Could somebody explain all this to me?

[quote]Nards wrote:
Could somebody explain all this to me?[/quote]

The guy needs to make a couple of bucks, simple as that.

Yeah I’m lost, whats the joke was it a dumb article or was he just in the picks