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CGPB Recovery & Bench Press


I've been doing arms on Fridays and Chest on Mondays. As a part of my arm routine, I do four sets of CGPB. This morning, I still felt some soreness in my triceps and was slightly weaker on my bench press than I was last monday. Could it be due to a lack of recovery from friday? Any suggestions? Thanks guys.


Hmm, 2 days should be enough, or are you doing 4 sets at the same weight?

If this keeps happening, space things out more... Or maybe cut out the pushdowns :slight_smile:


Yes, it could be.


Yeah, if they were still sore, you probably weren't fully recovered. You could always switch to chest/tri back/bi's type scheme.

One thing I've found after running a smolov squat cycle is that a body can adapt to seemingly impossible frequency. If you stay at it, your tri's will probably adapt.


CGPB = Close Grip Peanut Butter?


For triceps I did the following:
95x10(warm up)


Skull crushers


With that you've outlined, I could see you not being fully recovered. It appears C_C was damn near spot on with his assessment that you were doing straight sets. Ramping up to one all-out top set might decrease the need for increased recovery before hitting chest again. And, while I'm willing to concede that over time you might be able to adapt to this volume and recover in time for chest on Monday, I think the potential for developing an overuse injury is higher than with using a ramping protocol if you wich to continue training Tris on Friday.


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Try this next time:
45/bar * 12
90 * 8
145* 4
200* 10+, whatever you can manage.

If you want 2 work-sets, try one heavy one light or the other way around. (5-8, 9-12 or other way round).

Now, what do you need dips for if you just did CGP? Put more weight on the CGP or do dips instead of it...
If you train chest on monday, then doing 2 big presses for tris may be a bit much on the shoulders especially...

EZ extensions lying on bench (ass over the edge if you want), bringing the bar down behind the head onto the bench each rep and then exploding it back up (stop at an incline, not with upper arms perpendicular to the floor):

80* as many as you get.

You could do pushdowns or some such after this... But you really need to concentrate on getting stronger on your money exercises here... Get that CGP to 300 plus for reps for starters.


Is it beneficial to use that rep/set ramping scheme for each of the big lifts like pullups bench squat, etc?


Are the floors mopped?


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Why wouldn't it be? Do yourself a favor and watch some big guys like Coleman and yates train on YouTube. They rarely use the same weight twice on a core lift. Most ramp/pyramid everything, finishing with one all-out set at their heaviest weight.


I was just making sure he wasn't getting his peanut butter all over the equipment in here. I like to run a tight ship.


I'd do it that way... I'd use it for the small lifts too, to be honest. If you do a certain movement at the end of a session just for the pump though and don't care about progression on it, then feel free to do it whichever way you want...

Anyway, I mainly gave you the example because that should overall require less recovery time. Might help, might not.

If it doesn't, chances are your food intake and/or rest is the issue, not your routine..