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CGBP vs Tucked Bench for Triceps


cgbp with a flat back, or arched/tucked normal bench press or even closegrip arched/tucked bench press-what's optimal for hammering them triceps to the fullest?


Whatever you can do the most weight with without causing any shoulder injuries.

Honestly, this will differ person to person.


before i answer your question, I have one. using your variables, why is arching or not arching really that important in hammering the triceps?


I like elbows tucked all the way and grip as wide as necessary to be able to keep the full tuck throughout the ROM... Not that I'm going crazy with the arch, but imo arch really helps with keeping the shoulders in the right position and feeling it in the tris, kind of like a decline press. Also the whole scapular retraction thing and tightness you'd try to use in a pl bench.

Elbows flared doesn't feel that good to me, and the narrow grip advocated by many e-gurus and 150 lb book writers (6-8 inches, give me a break) hurts my wrists and drastically limits the weight I can use... Also odd on the shoulders, hard to keep the scapulae in the right position when going near lockout...

I do flare to some degree when doing IH presses, though, but I still don't go ultra-narrow with the grip.

That's just me, of course.


Oh yeah, suicide grip. Regular doesn't do it for me on CGP's...


I'v always noticed that suicide grip allows for a better/easier tuck in the elbows. Every time I put my thumb around the bar I can feel my elbows try and flare. It hass always seemed easier on my hands with how the bar sits. Maybe because with a suicide it's easier to get your wrist directly under the bar and you get more of the meaty part below your pinky as a pad?


NO WAY...Me and my friend do the exact same thing it's almost like you designed our program or something. :wink:


I'd do the Suicide grip if i wasn't afraid I'd die.


..and do CGBPs with a slight decline. Byebye larynx.


8i've tried looking up IH presses before, can someone describe it to me? this is the way i do a close grip bench

smith machine
elbows flared
12 inch width
moderate arch


All of the above.

The trick is to press the weight away, towards the feet - you'll feel it more in your triceps like this, almost like you're trying to do the top of a skullcrusher while obviously not being able to, being in a smith machine.


Moving the weight towards the feet is key. Definetely my favorite tricep movement.


am confused do you not normaly tuck when benching?


Keeping your hands 6-8 apart is fucking retarded. I keep them about 16' apart and keep my elbows flared. This feels just right to me. I automatically assume PL bench form when I'm going over 225 because it enables me to keep the weight moving and move greater loads. I use a suicide grip when I begin to peel weight. That's just me though. What do I know, a 165lb lean and mean dude looks bigger than me at 266 because he's lean and all. Give me a fucking break and a BJ


Moving the weight towards the feet is key. Definetely my favorite tricep movement.


I just can't seem to stop flaring my elbows whenever try to go heavy on elbows-tucked CGP. So I'm just saying 'fuck it', and switched to IH presses. I basically copy Mcgrath's form and grip width, and make sure to press towards my feet as well as up.


flat and flared seem to target the pecs more, at least for me. but in PL, a fatty named dave tate has said arched, tucked keeps the load on the triceps. i tried that, but i couldn't push any weight so i figured i am still doing something wrong.

so far, i've also tried flat and tucked, can't really tell a difference but hopefully if this is bad (gets you injured who knows) someone could warn me first, or if there is just a more efficient exercise.

cgbp gets thrown around a lot as a top triceps strengthener, but they never mention what kind of form is suggested. then you see these goons with 6 inch grip widths calling it cgbp.


i googled ih press and got nothing. wtf is that?
your reply makes it sound like you go wider then ~shoulder width. do you press like some PLers who have their forearms slanted rather than perpendicular to the ground?


not currently, trying to grow some pressing muscle


You are doing it wrong. When I first setup like that I automatically gained 20 pounds on my close grip.