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CGBP/ Shoulder Problems

Short question: on average, which is going to fuck up your shoulders more, the close-grip elbows tucked bench or the normal/wide grip bench?
I had some pain with both, but since I started working rotator cuff it’s way better, and I can close-grip pain free.
Asking because I’ll have to take a break from military presses due to some back problems-this meaning I now have a new found love for horizontal pressing-, and would like an opinion before starting (my shoulders are pretty f’ed up by nature…and I don’t want to risk making it worse.)
Another thing is that I can now use heavier than usual weights, because the military presses increase my bench by ~30lbs, and since I stopped benching a few months ago, my body will have to adapt.

Normal wider-grip benching puts more stress on the shoulders. I have had shoulder problems too–which exercises helped you the most? Also, hopefully you find a newfound love for horizontal pulling along with horizontal pressing.