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Hi Guys,

This is my first post so just wanted to say helloa nd explain where Im coming from.

I used to weight train/powerlift as part of my life liek eating breakfast and sleeping-sure you guys know what I mean!

I have been diagnosed with CFS since February last year and currently have just had my mitochondria tests back by Acumen labs in Devon, Uk. The results are attached.

Obviously I have very imparied mito function which explains the fatigue and I am currently on certain supplements:

D-ribose 10mg a day
Coq10 300mg a day
Multivitamin by Dr T
L carnitine (very low levels as I dont eat red meat) 2000mg a day

I feel I dont have the energy to exercise at all and brain fog is rediculous. Now this sint a whinge, its life and I have to deal with it but I am unable to train without casuing some kind o post exertion fatigue and setting myself back.

Do you guys have any suggestions on managing aas after looking through the forum I se quite a few people have cfs which si kind of comforting but I wouldnt wish it on anyone!

Thanks for your time guys,