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CFS and Low T Levels 26 Y/O


Hi guys,

Just a quick intro.

I have always been a natural lifter, since I started lifting.

Im 26 now and have been suffereing from CFS/M.E. for almost 2 years now, and its the worst thing ever for me. I can barely do any weight training, and try hard to keep my part-time job.

I used to be around 8% bf, but am now probably around 25 as have not lifted properly for 2 years.

My sleep is always non-refreshing, my ATP levels have been confirmed as very low (intra-cellular magnesium etc) and I have what seems to be low Testosterone, as I am only 26.

My T results were as follows:

(3 separate 9am morning tests) UK Figures and in brackets US

11 (316)
13.1 (374)
15.1 (432)

Free T=28

My libido is non existant plus limp erections etc. Sorry for the detail but it might help!

Now I have been seeing an endo, and because these are and i quote 'still in reference range', T-replacement is not an option at the moment.

Now what concerns me is that low T has ALL the symptoms of CFS, and my CFS started after a very heavy and repeated phase of caloric restriction and repeated dieting (where I got down to 6% bf). I believe I well and truly fucxed my hormone balance there.

Now I would never have considered any kind of T replacement or S before, but I ahve heard of guys having huge benefits and symptoms literally clearing up within weeks.

Can anyone advise me on what they think of these results?

Many thanks




Can anyone give me any views on this? I would be very grateful.


Hey man, sorry to hear about your condition. My advice would be to read the stickies and inform yourself as much as you can on low T (the stickies are a great place to start). You will learn that there are some blood tests that you have to take, other tan Testosterone levels, to get to the root if the problem, aside from body temperatures, description of other symptoms and other info. Guys here are very willing to help if you provide sufficient information to work with. Understand that low T levels are a symptom and to get to the cause you need to look at other things.