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CFF Push Sled: Does Anyone Have One?


I would like to get a elitefts prowler, but i'm short on money :(. I have done some research and found this one from Christian Fitness Factory http://www.christiansfitnessfactory.com/index.php/Weighted-Sleds/CFF-Prowler-Hi/Lo-Push-Pull-Sled .
Does anyone have one? And if you do have one how do you like it? I would like to know some more about it before investing money into buying one.


I have the exact same one, though from a different website based out of canada. I love it and use it all the time in the summer. Seems to hold up well so far and is very sturdy. I recommend it. Good price there too compared to others.


interesting. anyone have their GHR? Pretty cheap.



Did you end up buying this sled? I having been looking into buy a prowler type sled myself here just recently and also was looking at this one. It seems to be the best deal I could find. Under $200 shipped to my door. It looks pretty similar to the econo prowler. If you did get it, what do you think?


That website has some great deals.


Yes, I did buy the sled. Since the skis on the bottom are not replaceable, I try to preserve them by pushing on my high school's artificial turf. It's just a pain for me to bring it out there to use it, so i haven't been using it lately. However, my lost post push attachment is not on straight, so when i push it it goes sideways and that 's not good. I think it's a good investment, if you have a location to push it without ruining the skis and time to use it.