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CF Journey Containing More Than CF

This is my first official training log since I startet training 11 years ago, so I am exicited to see what it leads to.

Go back 11 years and I was just turning 18, clueless in every aspect and without any real interests other than sitting in front of the danm computer I was one day asked by one of my freinds to go to the gym with him, he wanted to work out, he wanted to get bigger.

Since I had nothing better to do i packed some clothes and off we went.
The next four or five years we went regulary to the local gym, witch was a old abandoned factory with lots of dust and shit all over the place, most of the guys there where using some sort of enhancement drugs, riots and what not…
But we didn’t really care, the people where nice and they helped us, the best they knew anyway.
Over those years I put on a respectable amount of mass, but I never had a purpose, I just worked out and Along the way I got bigger, but that was never my goal, or at least I had never thought of it in that way.

About the same time as I started working out I also started enlisting in martial arts classes and Aikido caught my attention at the time. Going a few years forward I had stopped doing aikido and begun training wing tsun.
This was a turning point for me, suddenly I had a goal with my strength training, I wanted to train for my sport.
Unfortunately, since I didn’t know jack shit about training I had no idea where to start or what to do.

I began serching the net for litterature on the subject and started experimenting with different idea’s, some worked, most didn’t.
Over the next two or so years I spent most of my free time reading, experimenting and trying to gain more knowledge on the subject, but somehow it kept eluding me! I counldnt find that common nommenater… until I stubbled across an article called Motor Units & Mad Libs, suddenly the nommenater was found, the nervous system.

Chads article gave me insight to a whole new world that I never thought had any bearing to strength training and sports enhancement.
That article turned my life around, the complexity of the nervous system amazes me and I love everything about it.
Sine reading that first article alot have happened in my life, I quit my job, started going back to school and now I am aspiring for a MS in exercise physioligy.
I guess I have Chad to thank for that, so thanx alot man !

Right now I am still in school, working as a boucner most weekends, and I stopped doing Wing tsun some years ago and started doing mma and bjj. Lately though I have been doing almost exclusively bjj, I just love the game.

I will post my first workout later today, but for now this is it.

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest.

Welcome Jits… nice background story. Sounds like a movie or something.

Okay, I just got back from the gym and lets just say things didn’t go as planned.
Allthough, all things considered I guess I should be somewhat content with my effort today, the last three days I haven’t had anything to eat or drink due to the worst case of the flu i can remember in… well ever actually so I surpose I can’t be to surprised.

Thursday, July 3rd

2 rounds for time
15 reps DL, 225 lbs
15 reps hspu
15 reps pull ups
15 reps thrusters, 95 lbs

Time : 00:20:34

Extra shit -
Some girl eye fucked me during the entire time I was there.
Dont know what the weathers like around the world these days, but it’s scorching in denmark… that means girls wearing less than bekinis.

Thanx Mpeniux, And your right, it does actually sound like a movie intro, olny it’s a intro to some lame B-classic MA movie like van dammes no surrender no return.

It’s friday and still Scorching hot here in denmark, Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather and everything that comes with it, but this is ridiculus… Naah just kidding, but when it comes to training and high degree’s of heat I don’t funktion well.

Well I just got home from the gym and I am WASTED big time.

Workout of the day…

3 rounds for time of :
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
3 min rest between rounds.

1: 6:18
2: 8:36
3: 10:96

Total time without rest time : 22.05
Total time with rest : 31.50

I allways work nights in the weekends witch leaves me drained big time the next day, so I usually dont have enough energy to train on these days.

This weekend wasn’t any different, allthough I allways make an epic effort to get down to the gym every weekend, and I believe I actually acomplished it once… in 2 years or so.

So I was looking forward to getting som work done on monday, but I doze off around 4 pm and I when i woke up was around 5.30 am so I guess i must have had alot of sleep to catch up.

Still it pisses me off that I missed that day of training, not only the gym training but allso the MA.

So It’s tuesday and the weather isn’t as scorching anymore with offcause SUCKS, cause who likes dull greyish weather with random rain clouds, thats right NO ONE. but… when it comes to working out it’s a tad better than those 40 degree days where your allready ecxhaustest before you get to the gym…

Todays Crossfit wod -

DB thruster 21 reps - 20kg dbs
run 400 m
DB thruster 18 reps - 20kg dbs
run 4oo m
DB thruster 15 reps - 20kg dbs
run 400 m

Total time : 25:36:95

I did this wod about a month ago with a BB instead of db’s allthough the weight on the BB was 42½kg, 2½kgs more than the combined DB’s, the instability of the db’s made it insanely more difficult and after the first thruster set my core was ready to explode along with my arms.
Last time I did the WOD at : 17:35:17 so the db’s really made it that more difficult.

When I finished the second thruster set and began running I suddenly felt a bit of dizzyness, nothing that bad, but still really annoying. after I finished the 400m run I went over to the db’s for the final thruster set but when I reached down for the db’s I became somewhat sick and I rushed to the bathroom where I was getting ready to puke big time, I could feel it approaching but after a couble of minutes it passed and I went back in to complete the last set.
Looking back I dont recall stopping the timer when I went to the bathroom, so I guess it’s okay to take away at least 2 min of the time.

Additional exercises :
serratus push up/push up plus 3x12
external rotations 3x12 - 7kg db’s
db hub lifts, wide diameter 3xmax alternating - 9kg db -30-27 and 9 reps.
med ball side throws 3x15 (felt really good!)
Side planks 3x30s
hand grippers in a minute or two - 3x max w. 2s squeeze .

I didn’t get around the flex and mobility drills today, since I see that as even more important than the actual wod i’m kinda dissapointet with that.

It’s saturday evening, and I’m wasted. I got home from work around 6am and couldn’t sleep up until around 7:30. despite the lack of energy and the mental cloudness that vails me due to the changeing sleep patterns i go through every weekend I can’t wait until tonight.

Last night we had some problems with a(singular) guest that has quarantine from the two clubs we are bouncing for, when we tried to remove the fucker his freinds (not so singular anymore) jumped us and we were outnumbered 6 or 7 to 2.
Despite the crappy odds we managed to get them on the run witch ofcause is great but supposedly they are members of a gang and rumer is that they’ll be back tonight for a rematch, I guess we can expect different odds tonight…

Well the workout i did yesteday look like this-

30 rep 20 pund db squat
30 rep assisted pull ups, assistance equals half bw - 40kg.
Repeat at 25,20,15 and 10 reps

Time : 12:56:94

On paper this looked like an active reovery workout… I was WRONG ! my heat rate was through the roof !

additional exercises -
face pulls 3x12 with 2s iso hold - 30kg
supinated wrist curls 3x25 - 7kg db’s
db holds for time, 3xmax time - 60s,50s,40s (30kg db’s)
overhead medicin ball side throws 3x15