Cezar's Metcon for Muscle Log

First post, so happy I got selected!

Have a slight issue with my account no longer working with the store after creating the new account here. I just ended up ordering as a guest.

Welcome aboard. I’m sure someone will be able to help you out with the technical issue. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions so that I can help you. Tag me so that I’m sure to see your questions.

Thanks for the reply @Christian_Thibaudeau @Jared_Maggard already reached out. The only question That was going to ask was if any adjustments need to made if doing additional manual labor during the program. My plan is to get the workouts in early and not try to lower calories by dieting, just eating clean. Will be replacing my roof, clearing the property a bit, hauling rocks and building some gabions by hand.

Honestly, my recommendations would be more in regard to nutrition. I would actually use Surge Workout fuel when doing manual labor, especially the roofing part, not only for the extra calories but mostly for the electrolytes.

I would also do the program 1 day on/1 day off which might extend the duration a bit.

Roger, I’d add a serving of surge workout fuel when doing manual labor outside.

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Is this what you do for a living and you’re just doing your own house, or are you brave enough that you’re just jumping into a project this size? I’ve done a couple things around my last house recently, and now I’m just fascinated by folks that can take on the projects that have real consequences!

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Just doing it on my own house. About 1/3 the cost of hiring it out. It’s a pretty basic roof with no valleys and a low slope. The main thing with roofs or anything else is to check each manufacturers install instructions. For example using capped staples or nails for the underlayment is more common now.


Good luck!

Doing 1 day on / 1 day off schedule meaning just did 2 workouts so far and noticeable more hungry. Didn’t quite expect that already. Always consider it a good sign.

So 1min kettlebell swings after Romanian deadlifts and leg curls(did with a band because working at the shop gym) was really really tough. Had to take 1 break on the first round and 2 on the second. Paused the timer rested then restarted after about.

That is perfectly fine and thank you for being intellectually honest and stopping the timer! This kind of work is extremely hard, I’m impressed by anyone who can do it.


Starting pic.
Waist 37.125

Those 1min farmers walk at the end of the circuit really make you breath heavy. Feels like sprints and the kind of workout that gets you in actual shape. Like competitive sports shape verse just doing a bunch of cardio.

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That’s because lower intensity cardio, even for long durations, do not put you above the maximum oxygen consumption threshold whereas with hard conditioning your run into an oxygen debt (you literally cannot bring in enough oxygen) and you cannot expel all the CO2. This is what makes you breathe heavy and have lungs on fire… pushed to the extreme, you may even feel like you are drowning… fun.


Working on the roof in over a hundred degree temps so taken more rest days in between. Noticed that even though been sweating more, still been able to hit the workouts just with some extra rest days in-between. Workouts have been getting constantly better and getting hungry more often. The most recent pull day, did more weight on everything but the chin up holds were tougher. Did like micro-sets of 10secs, stopping the clock each time.


Don’ forget electrolytes when roofing. People think about drinking water. But water without electrolytes can become problematic in that situation because you lose so much of them through sweat and urination.

And low electrolytes WILL affect workout performance and recovery. Not to mention mood and well-being (can lead t hedaches).