Cetabon in Addition to Cutting Stack

Hi I am about to do a cutting stack (just finished bulking cycle with no AS involved) consisting of omega 3-6-9, men’s multi vitamins, cla
and possibly arson "it seemed to work good with my diet before which never included the other stuff,

240 lbs not a fat guy, just a big mesomorph S.O.B.
14% bf
8 years training

I am interested in possibly adding cetabon or hubei anavar along with my cutting stack
im not expecting any miracles but an added edge. My question is has anybody pulled off a similair cutting stack? I understand it can be a mixed topic with these steroid’s
some say add test “I will agree test is good mix” some say don’t just go with it and use your pct. If everyones suggestion is add test I think I will pass and use it with my cyp cycle later.

I plan on using 400mg of cypionate a week for my 11 week bulking cycle sometime later on.

I appreciate any input

Read the “Cycle Proposal” Sticky on the main steroid page, edit the information to fit the criteria and maybe somebody will take your post seriously…you have stats which is better than most ‘First Post Wonders’, but you do not have doses for the drugs, length of cycle, PCT plan, how experienced to AAS you are, why you chose these drugs…and the list goes on and on…

This forum is suffering from many posts that want everything handed to them, but it doesn’t work that way. Research, do some more research, then do more research…then come back and ask legitimate questions with a thoroughly planned out approach based on aquired knowledge.

I didnt think adding the doses were necessary considering im not asking for advice with my future bulking cycle I have a doctor friend who was with me every step of the way putting the plan together and getting the right pct and legit gear I have no questions for that.My question is based merely on curiousity some sources and meatheads will say “sure go ahead and use your cetabon or anavar you’ll be super rippppped!!!”.That’s not what im looking for just curious with other people’s experiences really. Maybe I worded some stuff wrong.

And yes I have used before I did my first ever cycle, 11 week sus 250 only cycle with phosphagen creatine and my pct last year and gained a good 20lbs kept 15lbs. The cyp is gonna be my second cycle in 6 month’s or so “I’m not in a hurry.” I was gonna use the anavar with it anyway but I just became curious as to if it or the cetabon(winny) might work with my diet and other supplement’s and pct on hand. What im currently trying to accomplish is to drop a little bf sharpen the ab’s they show but not as good as they can, I’m pretty good dropping bf naturally but sometimes I want a little kick and as I mentioned im not expecting any miracles or on that note someone to pump sunshines and rainbows up my ass.

Here is the doses for the supplements I mentioned
this cutting stack will last a month. This is without any oral steroid’s and its just
the supplement overview that’s why you will note there is no diet plan mentioned. The anavar or cetabon(winny) mighta been used at 40 mgs for 6 weeks or the cetabon at 45 mg a day for 6 weeks.

3 arson capusles upon waking up 5:30 am

1 mens multi vitamin with breakfast 6:00 am

3 arson capsules befor lunch 11:am

3 omega 3-6-9 gel caps 3:00 pm with meal/snack

3 CLA gel caps 6:00 pm with supper

8:00 pm train

Anavar and Cetabon will shutdown your HPTA function at 40-50mg for 6 weeks, so PCT will be needed if you decide to do this. Some might argue that Anavar won’t, but I’ve witnessed this first hand on top of liturature on the subject.

If you are looking to get to the 9-10% bf range, a good diet and training/cardio program will be sufficient without any steriods needed. You are 240 lbs at 14%, so 206 lbs of lean body mass. You only need to drop 13 lbs of bodyfat to get to 10%. This is an easily attained goal without gear. You say that you are spot on with diet and nutrition, why not save the gear and combine it with your bulking cycle later?

Your supplement questions can be discussed on the ‘supplement and nutrition’ forum.

Yeah I think thats what I’ll do just leave it alone until later.

I think that is a good call :slight_smile: Goodluck.

Hey jukebox I gotta question for ya about some possible sources. I dont know weather to take them as sketchy or legit? I just came across them from searching the web for other possible sources if you want the site address I can email it to ya I know I should probably be starting a new thread for this but it kinda peaked my curiosity.

You have a PM…

They are real - but edit that post, you cant do source checks here.

I got banned for months from one popular forum for doing that.