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Cervical and Lumbar Issues

So when I was in 5th grade I told my friends I could escape a full Nelson. So a friend slapped one on me. In my attempt to escape I landed on my head with my buddy still having the Nelson locked on me.

The result? For 30 seconds I was literally paralyzed. For weeks after that I couldn’t run. When I tried to it was as if my legs wouldn’t respond right and I would fall.

At 15 I was squatting incorrectly with the barbell literally on my C4. Yeah…stupid. Anyway, while squatting I felt a sharp pain in my neck. For months my right arm was like dead weight at times. Especially if I was running…it would just go limp.

At 19 I was squatting 415. Even though I looked fairly skinny. Anyway, as I was going down I felt a “push” in my lower back. As if something popped out in my spine.

I didn’t have any pain so I moved on. Then at work as I was helping the guys stack pool table cabinets the combo of the weight of the cabinet, and the twisting gave me a stabbing pain in mymlower back.

My left leg would feel deadened. I was in severe pain. I got an MRI and it turned out I tore my lumbar muscle a bit, and bulged the lumbar discs.

Well, for years I struggled with neck and low back pain. In fact when my neck muscles would spasm badly I would have to lay on the floor, and not be able to be.moved.

But I was young. Big deal. And I always kept in good shape. Now I’m 41 and haven’t been as active as I was 5 years ago. I’ve had low testosterone issues, low thyroid issues, constant fatigue and depression.

I’ve always had the depression and fatigue a little, but it’s gotten so bad in the past years that doctors think I have fibromyalgia.

My question is…will the reverse hyper help my.lower discs issues? Is there anything I can do for pinched nerve in my neck? By the way…a chiropractor pushed down on my head to check if I had a pinch, and it hurt like hell!

I’ve thinking that if I can better the lower back and neck issues I might be able to get my life back. I’m only 41 but I feel old and used up. Just slight movement causes me to pant. I try to exercise but I get frustrated and lose hope.

Any advice?

I think this paragraph sums up everything. There are people whom have overcome incredible setbacks in their life. Some people make it happen, others continue down the same path.

I’m 38 and now facing being medically retired from the FD with a back injury. I’m at 17yrs of professional service, 20yrs total, and currently a Captain. I have been lifting sine I was 17, wakeboard, snowboard, hunt, and fish. Father of a 6yo 4yo and 2yo. I starting dealing with low back pain a couple years ago. The Drs and I have tried everything! L5-S1 disc extruded, pushing on the nerve root, and now collapsed. Both the orthopedic and neuro surgeons say I need a TLIF Fusion that will effectively end my career and change my life as I have known it physically. That being said, I’ll fight on. I’ll continue to enjoy activity levels that 80% of the fucks in our population can’t and wont do without being injured. You can too. I’m not gonna lie, Ive cried, but dont give up. Like you things are slowly being taken away from me and unfortunately it sounds like its gonna get worse before it gets better. Dont take the pills and soldier on… IT COULD BE WAY WORSE. Look around you.