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Certified Trainers

Who is the most widely accepted organization governing certified trainers. I am brand new, just getting started, and don’t need to waste time making mistakes. Thanks in advance for any help.

I would go with the NSCA or NASM.

I.S.S.A. is really good too. It stands for the International Sports Sciences Association. Charles Staley actually had a lot to do with getting them started/developing their programs. They are out in California but they have local seminars and in home studies, online help etc.

Here’s the number 800-892-4772

and website: www.issaonline.com

Good luck!

Everyone on this site seems to go through ISSA. Though I’m AFPA certified. www.afpafitness.com

I’ve got ISSA and NASM, NASM is a bit more in depth, and seems to be more widely accepted, and is doing a lot to get the industry standardised, I’d start with them.