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Certified Hard Gainer?

Before everyone rolls their eyes and says, “Here we go again”, read on.

For years I worked out for hours and ate clean though without attention to P,F, and C ratios and hardly gained a pound. A couple years back I educated myself on carbs and how insulin spikes are good for packing on the jiggly stuff. I switched to a lower carb diet, shortened the workouts and went heavy. Lo and behold I made some gains.

Having quickly plateau’d I was excited to find T-mag and read all the diet stuff. However ever since I started ‘massive eating’ a couple months back I’ve felt like a bag of crap. Given I’ve taken up coffee to fight the fatigue, go through a gal and half of water a day, and Im needing a new eyewear prescription I thought I should see the doc. Well, looks like I’ve joined the diabetic club at the age of 31.

After the long winded speech my question is that if my condition is controllable through diet and exercise, am I condemned to a life of lifting mediocrity without the use of insulin injections?

You need to provide us with what you are doing. Diet, training, stats (height, weight, BF%).

No info, no help.

why dont you take the insulin and use it to your advantage? im assuming you have type 1/insulin dependent diabetes…
as far as mediocrity goes thats up to you. i know of good (and big) athletes who are TypeI diabetic, and they manage to live a relatively normal life, well exept for no drinking beer…

Nitrox, start reading up on non-insulin mediated glucose uptake. There is a timeframe roughly an hour to two hours PWO where the muscles are able to take up glucose more efficiently. It’s a timeframe you need to be taking full advantage of. Additionally, you’ll want to start reading up on diabetes and bodybuilding.

Diabetics can put on LBM. Managing your diet precisely is going to become all the more important. But with a better understanding of what’s going on with your body, you may be all the more effective.

One last thing. You might want to start reading up on glucose disposal agents like r-ALA, chromium, vanadium, etc.

Good luck to you, Nitrox!!!