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Hey Everyone,
I was reading the forum the other day and saw that someone was getting certified for some nutritional prescription??? Can anyone tell me what are some organizations that I can look into for something similar? I work at a corporate fitness center and I think it would fantastic to be certified in something to do with nutrition. Can anyone help??? Thanks

Just keep in mind you probably won’t learn much, you’ll just have a new title to add to your resume. You’ll learn more about nutrition from T-mag. You may even have to pretend to know less when taking the test! However, I think the organization the other thread was talking about was ISSA, which is one of the better ones.

The SPN cert by the ISSA is a great cert to have and yes it is very informative. If you plan on practicing nutrition make sure you check your states regulatory statutes on the practice of nutrition at www.eatright.org.