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Certification: Go to College to Get CSCS?


Hey Everybody,

I'm an 18 year old, looking into NSCA and ACSM certification. I want to get started right away, but, should I go to college to get the CSCS? The reason why that wouldn't be so great for me is because I want to work for a few years to put my girlfriend through college, and then join the Army, so having to pay off two student loans wouldn't be that great. Should I just get my CPR card and take the Personal Trainer Certificate test for ACSM? That would be the most convenient in my situation, but would I just be wasting my time?

Any input is appreciated.


ditch the gf. join the army. go to war. make some bank. come back. use gi bill to pay for college. party on.


I'm not gonna ditch her, although, I did get a laugh.


Your 18 and u wana pay how many $1000s of dollars to put a girl through college?


If you're looking to make enough to pay for 2 college tuitions (or even 1/2 of one) as a personal trainer....

Yeah you don't start in personal training for the money. The test itself is expensive as hell not to mention the content for it.

I'm about to take my NASM certification exam and it's not horribly difficult content so at least passing probably wouldn't be an issue.


Getting really fucking big while spending time under the bar will do more for you than any piece of paper. It's all about how you come across as far as personal training goes. Your looks will make the sales for you.

If you wanna be a cscs and train athletes and more elite type folks then the degree and certs are a plus and basically mandatory.

HM's suggestion is what every 18 yo male should do now that I look back.


Well, I should have put this in the beginning, but this is something that I want to do, so if I can make money it's a win-win.

And I'm working on a One Arm Push-Up and getting my numbers up, I figured I can get the Personal Trainer Certificate from the ACSM. And I don't have to exactly put her through college, but I'd like to make sure she has money for books AND can eat...


'11 just keeps on giving


This is a joke right

What is this 1957?