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Certification For Oly Lifting Coach


Fellas (and ladies),

I'm interested in trying to attend a seminar/workshop/class whatever to learn the proper technique to do/coach the olympic lifts. How do I do this??




Your first step in this long journey is to read AND DO what Coach Dan John says to do in his T-Nation articles and on his web site. Some say a double body weight dead lift and a body weight military press indicate your strength foundation is sufficient for moderate success. Finally, and most importantly there is no better certification than a few trophis on your shelf and a local, regional, or state record on your wall.


Uhh, I'm gonna dispute this a touch. Go to USAW's website as posted above and find a clinic in your area.

Contrary to the opinion that T-Nation is a quality replacement for real-life coaching and correcton, I believe that going to clinics and doing a weekend club coach course with certified regional US O-lifting instructors will be invaluable to you.

As far as competition...trophies don't always indicate that you know what you are doing. At the local and even regional level one can often get by with subpar performances and come out with trophies (which don't validate your knowledge--or lack thereof) simply due to the lack of quality competition. All in all, O-lifting isn't that popular, so it wouldn't really take much to be a standout. Good luck with the cert.


Well I checked into that website. I live in Indiana and the nearest clinic that I could find through January '07 is in Colorado. Any other ideas?


I don't know where you live, but on that site there are two contacts in Indiana...one in South Bend and one in Crown Point. Don't know what the distance is from you, but it might be worth the drive to get some instruction.

There are email and phone contact numbers there, if I were you I would contact them and see if they at least know anyone in your area (if neither of them work out).


I'll try that, thanks much.