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Certificatin in Performance Nutrition

T-Nation, I need your help. I am wanting to get a certifcation in performance nutrition or in sports nutrition so i build skills and apply knowledge that will benefit me in the future.
A little background first. im 19 majoring in nutrition and dietetics and minoring in health and exercise science at la tech university.

I am going to be a junior next year. I am currently working in a restaurant for pitiful pay spending long hours not making enough money

The problem is i dont know exactly where to get a nutrition certifcation with a company that has a good reputation. I’ve looked everywhere, right now im thinking i want to go with the ISSA certifcation because there is no degree or AGE requirements like most of the reputable ones.

I’ve looked into ACE, CSCS, and many more and they have restraints on how old you are and if you have a degree or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thank you! You can PM me also!

Does anyone here any certficication in nutrition who can offer me advice?

If you’re getting a degree in nutrition I don’t know that I’d worry too much about a certification; however, I can tell you from my experience that I think the ISSA programs are pretty good–they are much more in depth and sophisticated than when I first did them many years ago.


the problem with precision nutrition is that it’s precise, and different for everyone, down to the most minute detail. Getting a certificate is great for a resume, but the best possible thing you can do is read read read read read. Figure out how a diet works, then go learn the science behind it so you can explain it.

I have a “nutritional specialist” certification through can-fit pro, but the course taught me nothing except that people have no concept of what to eat. If you’re really interested in dieting, make sure you incorporate many different view as well, bodybuilders eat very differently then triathlon competitors, and for good reason! There is no magic diet, or food, or supplement.

The best advice I can offer you is become very aware of cause and effect. Food logs that associate food with feelings/energy levels are excellent for figuring out the specific details necessary for a personalized precision nutrition. Good luck with your studies!