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Certain Workout = Bigger Appetite?

Squats? BB complexes? C2 Rower? Basketball? Swim? Sheiko?

I find it odd that on certain days I just want to keep eating and eating. It’s not a craving for anything in particular, just so hungry! I’ve started to notice a trend with this happening after particular workouts. We know correlation does not imply causation, but I’ve noticed these bouts of hunger happen to always occur if I’ve been doing widowmakers aka 20 rep breathing squats.

Have you observed this with your training?

I’ve definitely noticed this-- Generally after a cardio session, I lose my appetite almost entirely actually.

This could be your body’s natural response just cause it needs more food to recover from a heavy weight workout, but I’m not sure. It would make sense though to intake more food when your body is primed to absorb it. Just like a lot of people noticed increased appetite on Indigo.