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Certain Weight or Height for Steroids

Do you have to be a certain weight or height for steriods? I know that it’s good to have years of experience with training before you start a cycle but I heard someone say that a certain height for steriods is not good. For example 5" 5 - 5"7 which I don’t understand at all but let me know what you think please.

Just wear some stilettos when injecting your glutes to give you a couple of extra inches

Send pics



Hahaha but seriously It doesn’t make any sense and I’m glad you agree

If the person or people who are saying that are really serious then I would say you’re safe to ignore everything else they say from this point on.

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Haha for sure

Well, Franco Columbu was 5’5", I’m guessing he dabbled with them on occasion.

(Expressing a personal opinion, not to be construed as a statement of fact. :slight_smile:

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Lee Priest is like 5’4".


yeah and lee used F all gear, an absolute genetic freak haha

I watched a video of tom platz interviewing him about his usage, and i think he only said he did primo and deca, but i guess they didnt know as much back then and had pharma grade.

If you believe what Lee said in that interview I have a bridge for sale. :sweat_smile:

bro he is honest about everything… why would he lie?