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Certain splits

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts regarding certain splits in training. What I’ve noticed is that most people like to use chest and back together and bi and tri together. I was always under the impression that like parts should be worked together, such as chest and tri and back and bi. Did I miss something recently or are there others out there that use my methodology?

I work chest and back together because i alternate exercises for these two bodyparts using the principle of full recovery. E.g. Bench press - rest 2 mins - pull ups - rest 2 mins. The reason these bodyparts are put togetheris due to the fact that they are antagonistic and better recuperation can be achieved. Another option is to put Chest and biceps together.

currently i’m using a chest, tris, shoulders and back bis type split. it seems to work well, because my tris/bis are so preexhausted from doing 3-4 sets of back or chest work that 2-3 sets is all that is necessary to hit them hard.

Choose a routine that works for you.
For about 4 months now…I do one body part per day. This works for me. Allows ME to train hard 45-60 min then rest the part for a few days. I can recover well this way. You may not. I must go to the gym at least 6 days a week this way. I also do morning cardio 30 min 3times a week pre-breakfast.

In other words understand why people are performing different splits then make your own.
If it works really well maybe you can post it here.

There are MANY ways to do things… note to tan, Ian King went over this in the past issue of testosterone magazine, you should really pair a rowing movement with bench, or pull ups with a should press…

Al, I use both splits. For exapmle, I was doing back/chest, bi/tri, sho/legs for about 6 weeks. Now I’m doing chest/tri, back/bi, sho/legs. I switch from time to time for a few reasons. Depends on my goals. Right now I’m in a building phase and the chest/tri, etc. allows me to train more days of the week to minimize fibre overlap from day to day. However when I’m going for purely strength gains, I like the back/chest, etc approach. It allows me to absolutley blast each muscle group whicle not subjecting it to indirect say the triceps through doing the chest first. Granted with this split, you can’t do as many days of the week and get lots of rest simply because there’s too miuch fibre overlap.

Alyone else have any thoughts on this subject?

ITS IN THE PUMP BABY!!! LOL! Actually, that is exactly why I do chest and back together one day, then bi’s and tris together another. I get a mad pump in those areas and it really fires me up. But on a recovery note, I feel that the bi’s and tri’s being smaller muscles can recover faster so with this kind of split they get hit more often. I do Day 1 Chest and back, day 2 legs day 3 bi’s and tri’s day 4 off. This allows my arms to be hit twice in a 4 day cycle (since they get hit from the chest/back workout. If you did this in a day 1 Chest/tris day 2 legs day 3 back / bi’s day 4 off your arm muscles are only getting hit once every 4 or 5 days instead of twice. I didnt begin seeing any real gains on my arms until I started doing things this way…but thats just how my body works. Its like everything else in lifting…try it and if it works for you…use it…if it doesnt…dump it! Keep lifting bro!!

I use both methods so as to have variation in workouts and I find that it works very well. Nothing like a little change to stir things up and make your body try to adapt then change again, and again, and again…