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Certain Kinds of Cultural Gestures

I rarely post these days outside of PWI and Combat, but something is on my mind I figure belongs here.

In early March I was at a fundraiser, with 5 punk bands on the bill.

while at the the venue and in the middle of the show, a man i don’t know gave me an intent stare. I looked at first away, and then noticed that he looked me sharply again, and then put his hand out towards me with the palm up.

At first I didn’t know what to do, but then thought he wanted me to give him five. I did this but forgot that his hand was only a short distance above the counter top where we were opposite.

He then got mad at me when his hand slammed on the counter and said, “are you feeling ok?”. I tried to explain my misunderstanding, and then his friend came over and asked me the same thing. Again I came out with a fast run of words to explain that I didn’t understand clearly what he meant for me to do.

the two of them had an argument that I couldn’t make the details out of, there was a punk band playing and they both left. I didn’t see them come back.

So I ask T-Nationers for some analysis. If this man wanted me to shake, he would have had his hand perpendicular to the counter top. He got mad when i gave him five.

I mulled this over for a while, and then more recently I watched the Spike Lee production ‘Blackkklansman’. In a couple of points in the movie I saw black characters hold out there hands while others slid their palms along top.

The man at the venue seemed like he looked HIspanic, and was fairly olive skinned. He seemed to have the accent as well.

On the other hand, I saw a Planet of the Apes movie in which the apes indicate submission by sliding a finger along the palm of the other ape they are submitting to.

Does anyone think that he may have intended one of the above two? If so, and he wanted me to submit to him, I am not going to buy him a beer the next time I see him like I was trying to put word out that i would. In that case he gets the big fuck you.

Thoughts anyone?

People are weird. They do all kinds of stupid things that means something to them but either nothing or something different to someone else.

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I have no idea what he was doing and what he was expecting you to do but I’d have killed to see you giving his hand a high five in that circumstance haha

You were at a fundraiser, he wanted some funds.

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Did you forget you were running the fortune telling act DK?

He wanted a dance off.

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