Certain Age When the Effects Lessen?

I post in this section, maybe it will be good for my question.
I wanted to ask why is there “over 35” section on most forums? Is that some “border” age between “young” and “old” in terms of bodybuilding, weghtlifting and overall fitness?

Could you tell at what age man starts to feel effects of aging, lowering testo etc?
I am not speaking about some serious effects, but when do you start (if ever) to notice any negative difference comparing to the time when you were in early or middle 20’s (in terms of physical shape, fitness, maybe sex, looks and so)

p.s. i know that there are a lot of guys at age 70 and so, and still working out, looking & feeling good, but i wanted to ask about general tendencies in human body.

its what you beleive, thats what will happen. if your bombarded constantly by the media or people telling you its all downhill after a certain age, then you start to beleive it and your body does what your mind says. There is no age. hows that for answer. You control your body. nothing else does. i have no clue why they have a 35+ section. to me, thats an insult. are you saying people of that age are no longer in their prime, so they now have to be relagated to this “special” site.

Ignore the retarded guy who answered, somehow he doesn’t believe in hormone fluxuations, cell death, or even basic biology and chemistry. He’s a known troll.

The real problem is that your question is too broad. The variances between individuals are simply to wide.

It’s simple, really. They have this section so we can find other people who share our interest in Lawrence Welk. :slight_smile:

OK, just joking. Yes, there are changes in body chemistry. But there are other things I’ve learned in this forum.

First, the people here have maturity. Our bodies may be slowing down, but we’re growing wiser and smarter about training. In my case, I’m actually making the best gains of my life, simply by getting rid of all the crap that doesn’t work.

Nobody here says “Give me a program”. We know enough to get started and seek advice only to stay on track. We have the experience to figure out what’s going on.

Second. we have similar conditions. Many of us have families, children, careers, and so on. How do you train and stay healthy with so many things taking your attention?

Hope this helps.

Frankly, the “over 35” forum is a place where we can get away from the kids. I’m past arguing with some anonymous loudmouth on the internet and it seems that this forum is full of people arguing around over everything.

I don’t know if there is a specific age where I started to feel my age but it’s more around recovery more than anything else. I certainly cannot do max singles every day and hope to last long. I think that our style of training is what changes more than our attitude towards it.


Well it is certainly quoted that after around 35 muscle loss is certainly a biological fact for most of the population, here in the old folks home though it seems that the guys and gals just go on getting stronger and smarter !!.

Differences now–well i am 53 and probably in better shape now than i was in my 30s and 40s simply because i have started to take training very seriously.

Are there times when i feel older–yes but that is more down to things like work stress and perhaps longer recovery times. I am more careful to avoid injury and i am a lot more careful about my general health, that may just be maturity and a lot more knowledge.

I think that it is valid to have an over 35 section, i have certainly been made very welcome.

Let me say that I don’t want to insult anyone on this forum, just want to get some knowledge. Reason I’m asking is that in several years I will be also around that age, so I wanted to prepare for it with a long term plan in training and life in general, because it is better when you know what awaits you.

I know that experience can somehow overcome physical slow down and that’s what I am counting for. But this also means that there is that aging effect, so one needs to train harder and be more strict. Let me know what effects do men experience when aging starts, and let’s try to determine maybe not some cartain year of life, but maybe some age bracket when this starts to become noticeable, I know that it can be broad topic but we have place to discuss it.

First what I’ve read here is regeneration, so thats useful information, because I can put more attention to endurance/stamina. Here’s what I’ve found on Wikipedia: “Testosterone declines 10% every decade after age 30 (1% per year).” but that’s just numbers, and 1 or couple % doesn’t seem to do much difference, but how this appears in real life?

No offense taken, Bartollini. It’s a great idea to see what awaits.

When you keep training, eat healthy, sleep well, take care of yourself, there’s no sudden “oh God I need a walker” moment. Personally, I don’t want to go back to my 20’s, cause I felt awful. I’m way stronger and healthier now in my mid 50’s.

Also, no self pity allowed here. Anyone who would dare say “I can’t do that because I’m old” would be creamed by everyone else.

The over 35 forum used to have a lot of discussion on hormone testing and replacement. That proved so popular that it was spun off into its own forum. You can check there for lots of info.

It’s also one of the nicest forums on the whole site, very little of the macho posturing and senseless arguments going elsewhere.

A big part of my inspiration came from a film maker in his mid 50s who joined a Royal Marine recruit troop in training and went through the hardest basic military training in the world with a bunch of late teen/early 20 s lads–and he was one of the fittest guys in the troop !!.

Also one of the site moderators (think it was Chris Shugart) who pointed out a 50+ guy who became a fireman and competes in their games at a very high level.

Civility is king here. Not so on other forums. We are all very respectful even if the lifting style/program isn’t our cup o’ tea.

Truly, I’m stronger at almost 46 than I’ve ever been.

I think 35 is the usually accepted age when Test starts a steady decline. Like most things there are exceptions. Maturity wise, I think it’s a good age to separate lifters from the herd, not so much physically.