Cert in Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership

Hey everyone,

I am just about finished my first semester of College. I am 18 (as of midnight tonight) and am taking Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership. It is a one year certificate.

The program coordinator has been in the fitness field her whole life (not sure the number of years but she’s 40-50 years old). So far this course has taught me so much more than I came in with, everything from exercise phys to nutrition to health and wellness to biology and anatomy and program design. Next semester is more of a hands on semester, it is where we take everything we have learned and implement it. Classes include things like assessment, exercise for special populations, business etc. I was really into fitness and bodybuilding before I applied for college back in September so I didn’t come into the program knowing nothing, I already had quite a bit of knowledge.

My question for you guys is this; If I come out of college with a one year certificate, and I feel that I am prepared to be out in the field, do you think I would have much success? I know a lot of the time people want a trainer with good credentials. I am just curious to see what you guys think, weather I should go for it and use my new skills and knowledge along with my confidence, or maybe stay back and find a university course to gain more credentials? The thing is with a lot of the university courses such as Exercise Science and Health Promotion, I find the courses are more geared towards physiotherapy and rehabilitation and not so much hands on personal training. What are your thoughts?

Thank you for your time.


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