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Cerial and carbs

I was just wondering if breakfast cerials are a good source of carbs. I know alot of them arn’t, but if you know of any “good” kinds please let me know. Thanks

I really really love cereal, but it’s one of those things I’ve had to give up along my quest. There are a few exceptions, mostly only fiber cereals, if thats your type of thing; All Bran, Fiber One. (source: Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid) If you’re a skinny guy you might be able to get away with eating some of the higher GI ‘healthy’ cereals. Unfortunately…you also gotta put milk in your cereal too…I wont even get into that. If you are gonna have cereal though, at least take a protein shake with it.

The only one is old fashioned oatmeal

Try this for a more cereal like approach to basic oatmeal. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of oatmeal (depending on your carb needs) as much water as needed…then I add a half a scoop of Low Carb Grow! and mix it up, then I take a hand full of Fiber One (far superior in taste to All Bran with Extra Fiber, in my opinion. It makes it nice and cruncy, plus the Grow! gives it a sweet taste. You should probablt add less water than normal. It’ not Lucky Charms, but I’ve never seen a Leprechaun with a six-pack. Happy eating.

wait what the heck is wrong with a cereal like corn flakes? or special K? these cereals are relatively very low in carbs (<22g), low in fat (0g), and “not bad” for a quick source of protein (7g). furthermore, they generally have a healthy mishmosh of vitamins and minerals…i don’t get it, what’s so wrong with cereal that so many peeps on the forum seem to swear it off like McDonald’s? i’m on a low carb/low cal diet w. cardio + workin out but i still allow myself a bowl or two of special K each day w. skim milk

Pete: I think the problem are in the dye coated sugar nuggetts masked as cereal. Let me tell 'ya…in college, we LIVED off “Capt’n Crunch” and “Fruit Loops”…but I have to avoid them like the PLAGUE now. However (as pointed out), there are some good cereals out there…(P.S. I STILL crave the 'ole “Capt’n” and “The Loops”!!!)

Check out the GI of cornflakes, 83! Special K isn’t as bad, 54. Milk is an insulin bomb. If you keep constant check on your calories it’s not a big deal, it’s just Kcal in vs Kcal out. If you don’t though, you’re in trouble. I know I used to be able to go through a box in one sitting without thinking twice about it.

read “things that make you look good nakid”…jesus christ before you have a ? so fuckin read…there is tons of free literature on this webpage.

Just as KingProtein said, a carb is not just a carb - you have to look a the glycemic index (GI) of the carb as that has a big impact on the way the carb is metabolized and is an indication of how fast the total carbs eaten are going to be dumped in your blood stream and correspondingly, how much insulin it is going to generate. Most foods made out of refined white flour have a very high GI and flood your blood with glucose and cause excessive insulin release and these foods include most all breakfast cereals as well as breads, etc. Thats why most people “in the know” eat oatmeal for their morning carbs as oatmeal is low GI and trickles the glucose into your blood without causing a huge insulin release. The only time you “want” high GI and insulin is right after your work out to quickly replace glycogen. If you eat high GI when glycogen is relatively full, the insulin release causes the extra carbs to quickly be deposited in fat cells as triglyeride instead. One reason I believe diabetes has become so rampant is because of all the high GI refined carbs in the grocery store.