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Ever since TT said that about the milk in another thread, that gave me the final piece to stop drinking it… I mean I get enough protein elsewhere and it is not a good carb source, so why was I drinking it? habit probably…

Nonetheless I’ve been eaiting my 1 cup of daily oatmeal with just water and its fine.

I do whip up a little connoction I take 2 hours post workout of 1 container of nonfat black cherry yogurt and 1/2 cup all bran…it’s pretty good with a scoop of whey of course…

Besides “milk is for babies” right? lol

As far as cereal, I don’t touch the stuff, the shit is like edible crack to me. It goes right through me like water and then you still want more. In 20 mins I can take a nice brand new box of cereal and reduce it to a piece of recycleable cardboard. And I would still want more. In my highschool and college days I could easily go though a box of Captain Crunch (peanut butter of course) Cracklin Oat Bran, etc. in one sitting and still be hungry…

part of your nutritious breakfast…go figure

I just had an entire box of Frosted Cheerios. You guys really need to get on the refeeding bandwagon.


“Life without cereal is no life at all.”

Cereal is one of my rare “guilty pleasures”. It’s a carb bomb, but not as bad as chocolate cake, for example.

“Cranberry Sunrise” (mueslix) with OJ instead of milk… YOWZA.

I recently became an “oatmeal with chocolate whey” freak, and I am eating it daily. I’m a late bloomer…


Yeah, that damn Cracklin’ Oat Bran really is addictive. The scent of brown sugar and those sweet, rolled oats are damn good. When I did eat that stuff, I’d go through a box in a few days. But I stopped eating cereal years ago. They are too expensive anyway. Besides, cereals were originally made to help reduce people’s sexual appetites and to prevent masturbation. For some reason, all these cereals at the turn of the century (1900’s) had some sort of “sex-drive killer” about them.

Milk? I stopped drinking milk almost a year ago. I’m much better without. That stuff sucks unless you are truly a skinny bastard and can’t gain weight. Trust me, I’ve used it in the past to gain weight when nothing else worked. I used to drink a gallon a day, and yes, it did work. But there is something about milk that just makes me get fat now. And I always feel so thick-skinned when drinking it on a regular basis. Milk is bad.

Ah, the blanket statements made on this thread…

Big fan of Corn Pops. When the refeedin’ starts, I gots ta have my box of Pops!

Joel you are a genius! I can incorporate Cracklin’ Oat Bran 2x a week in my carb refeeds (T-Dawg 2.0). I can savor the sweet scent of brown sugar and wallow in the creamy corpulence of my galactose gift from our bovine beauties. Ahhhhh, the pleasure of the refeed.

I enjoy lounging upon a bed of banana peels while my monkey butler shovels wheelbarrow loads of Quisp into my massive craw.