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Cereal for Breakfast?


i was wondering if there is any particular cereal that gives a good portion of protien without having to many carbs in it. i know your suppose to load up on carbs early in the day but alot of these cereals have like 40-50 grams per serving of carbs. so if i was to buy a ceral which should i consider?




1stly, you dont need to load up on carbs early in the day, however if you're trying to cut a bit, ingesting them earlier in the day will serve you better in terms of energy, and chances of the body utilizing them throughout the day as your metabolism slows a bit.

2nd, sorry, but there really aren't any 'good' cold cereals. I admit to occassionally munching on Frosted Mini Wheats if I feel I need to up my carbs for a bit (they are quite filling to just snack on), but I'm under no illusion that I wouldn't be better off with another bowl of oatmeal instead (already eaingt 2 most days)


Hi-Lo Cereal by Nutritious Living.
30 gm serving has:
90 calories
1 gm fat
13 gm protein
7 gm (Net) carbs (12 gm - 5 gm fibre)

Its only draw back is that the protein is a soy blend. though I did read up on a study and found that the one used in the cereal is one of the least harmful types.

Other than that if you want a low carb breakfast cereal:

2 tbsp flax seed
1 tbsp walnuts crushed
1 scoop Protein powder
Hot or normal Water or Unswtnd Almond Milk

mix it all and let it rest for a minute or two. Then simply add in some splenda or something if you want and enjoy


skim milk


Also, if I remember correctly, Shugs posted a really good granola recipe in one of his nutrition articles.


Scramble 5-6 eggs, pour some milk over them, and pretend their Kellogg's Corn Pops.


i love eggs sadly i dont have the funds to eat 6 eggs per day that and genetic heart problems. im living off 300 a week now. gotta keep it cheap as humanly possible im willing to compromise, i know a cereal at my local grocery store isnt gonna be as healthy as eggs. but im hoping for a middle ground with cereal even if its not ideal as long as its still considered a healthy alternative. and ya i try to get the majority of carbs in beforeat breakfast/lunch and of course post workout for cutting purposes


Eggs are one of the cheapest forms of protein you can find man. I buy boxes of 5 dozen at a time for about 7 bucks. Surely you can afford to buy eggs and skim your budget somewhere else. Also, eggs aren't going to hurt your heart. If you're so worried about it though, take a few of the yokes out.


OATS and BERRIES with milk or water your pic.

I'm glad you didn't mention something on the grounds of. "Does frosted flakes help build muscle?" Or "Would Special K help me lose weight for a comp?" I was half expecting that with the title of the thread.


not sure where you buy eggs but here in mtl at our local grocery supoer markets its around 5 bucks for a dozen of the large eggs thats tax included. i have no car so im not plaaning on going far and wide searching for cheap eggs in bulk to carry em home on the bus or metro so some asshole will bump me and break em. however i dont skip on eggs when they are on special




hmm the hi-lo cereal looks interesting. i work at my local I.G.A. supermarket and can't recall seeing it. would this have to be bought at a specialty store or only in the states


ive seen only at natural stores and whole foods in Toronto...you can get it online from www.thelowcarbgrocery.com


plain cherrios and a protein shake isnt a bad breakfast every now and then. Adding fruit would be good too.


You eaten this before? Preference for protein powder flavor?


I only buy vanilla pp since I like to be able to add flavours to my shakes with sugar free syrups.
Right now, I have 'Protein Stack' by Precision Supplements.
I have eaten it before. It's usually a kind 'im-craving-cereal' type of thing. Not a regular on my menu.


$5.00 for a dozen eggs? Good Christ.

Apparently Socialism doesn't work. Please send a PM to President Elect Obama.


thats 5 bucks cdn


Like everysaid oatmeal+ eggs. Cereal is for the weak.

for the eggs, stop buying the name brand stuff. Buy the knock off brand of the store you are in. If you are at a Krogers, buy Kroger brand. It's soooo cheap and you usually get additional discounts.