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Cereal Diet - Would This Work?!


I had a random thought, its probably a dumb idea, then i got to thinking.
I hear people say all the time to drink half gallon of milk to bulk. I also hear people say eat lots of peanut butter for protein.
If you were to consume anywhere from a half a bag of Total cereal, half a jar peanut butter, and half a gallon of milk or more for each one. What you do is put a scoop of peanut butter on the spoon for every bite of cereal, I do it all the time. Milk contains protein I think, peanut butter has quite a bit, and total cereal has some I think also. I calculated it to about 150 grams of protein in half a jar from the peanut butter alone, not to mention the milk and cereal. Then when you add your other protein from supplements thats about 250 grams of protein ATLEAST. As you probably know Total cereal has many nutrients in it, so you would be getting about 8 times what you need in a day of the nutrients. Just the only problem I really see is the same food every single time and all the iron and fibers could constipate you, LMAO... what do you experts here think, its probably whack...


Fiber causes constipation? That's a new one.

Throw in some mac and cheese and funyuns and this sounds like The Munchies Diet.


Dude... come on.


That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read!

Why milk and peanut butter when meat has a lot more protein per serving? And cereal? It's crap food! It's processed and filled with preservatives that are harmful to your health like BHT.

Your body needs a lot of different food for various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Following such a restricted menu would cause some severe problems and would not get you any closer to any of your goals. Not to mention that you'd get sick of it in about a day or two.


Almost got me there.



LOL. Just go away.


please, pickup a book next time.


Actually this sounds like an great plan!! Seriously. I think I might try next time I want to gain all the fat back I lost. Except my plan would include froot loops, chocolate milk, Taco Bell and ice cream. But it sounds like pretty much the same principles.


Tube steak boogie!


HAHA funny posts. Total cereal is really healthy for you though, it probably wouldnt be the best idea, but its pretty cheap for people that dont have a job and arnt old enough(me)


Really? Explain.


This diet will only work if you include a box of Count Chocula cereal and a six pack of Guiness to have post workout.


Well you can buy unprocessed Total, just go to walmart and look at the back of total, its just a few ingrediants with alot of vitamins and minerals. It has little fats, and 100% of your daily intake for most vitamins/minerals. The unprocessed is healthier for you.



Funny diet

I love ma meat.


Do yourself and everyone here a favour....stop posting and start reading.

You have absolutely no idea what the fuck you are talking about.



I'm not one of those people who think that seeing a scantly clad woman or reading a dirty word will permanently damage a child's brain, but I still don't think they should let seven year old kids in here.


Dude im not 7 ha, im 15. I know it would be better to eat regular healthy foods, I was just curious as to what you guys thought. And I got your opinions


I stopped reading there^


Haha talk about mixing fats with carbs. I'm thinking that if you are counting on PB as your protein source you never read the label. 7grams of protein for 14grams of fat and you wanted to eat 1/2 a jar? I mean PB is good food, but no supplement for real protein sources (shakes, steak, chicken, ect).

I have read some BB's eating three bowls of cerceal a day during the off season to get simple carbs, however they were only going for carbs.


My peanut butter has 14 grams of protein for 8 grams of fat...