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Cephalic Carnage: How Do You Train?


oh yea I did it. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Since I was immortalized into my own thread I wanted to say that I think this man deserves his own thread before I did.

I have gotten some really great advice from this guy and some help that have gotten me through some plateus.

Hell the 'arms only' day that was a topic in my thread was HIS idea.

So CC hows a day in the life of training for this german giant? lol



Gah, great idea. Why don't I ever have any great ideas? =(


great ideas come from winners


I am definitely tuning into this thread.


I guess we should encourage C_C to answer how he did train too, when he had access to a real gym. Seeing what kind of accomodations he had to make to train at crappy gyms will be interesting too.


well i have actually taught cc everything he knows so.....ya deff not lol



The silly German does 2 sets of 10 of abbzzzz crunches followed by dancing around the place for cardio then stares at the poster of Arnold for 4 hrs and calls it a day to go home and drink pitchers of beer.


looking forward to this (not that I didn't enjoy the gerdy thread too!) A guy who always has good advice expressed in a friendly manner.

edit: can't spell


So... Should we tell them about the secret crod266-program?
I dunno man... Others may get big off it :wink:


And eat Kartoffeln and Sauerkraut while wearing Lederhosen.

I love you too, Mr. Tealand :wink:


Arnold-"Milk is for babies...we drink beer" LOL

so is this true C_C? lol

How long have you been training DC? What did you do in the beginning?

How big are you right now and what is some numbers that you've been putting up?

whats the deal with access to a real gym?



Yeah, what he said.


You could send me all your money; that'd be a great Idea and I promise to tell everybody that YOU came up with it!



My god a German made a funny joke !

Whats next CC will tell us he has icky muscle



Awwww, now I'm feeling all appreciated and stuff :wink:

Boring to read about, mostly.

I don't drink anything alcoholic... Not due to health reasons or training reasons or any reason that I'm aware of; I just somehow don't do it and have no clue as to why.

Used the standard modern BB approach for years before discovering DC.
Half a year ago, my gym situation (see below) forced me to adapt a different training-style, especially in regards to plateaus.

I'll go into detail on all that and other stuff tomorrow...

My old gym closed and it's taken me half a year to find one that has at least basic stuff like a rack available. No joke.

DC requires a very well-equipped gym... All the gyms with lots of equipment are the usual commercial fitness-club-thingies with weight-stacks the size of paper-weights.

I got more or less kicked out of 2 gyms as well... "We guarantee: No bodybuilders and other rowdies" <- That's one of the slogans that you'll see on flyers and in ads for many local gyms...

My current gym's equipment: Rack, barbells, one bench and one adjustable... A leg press that has the worst seat ever which makes it totally useless, DB's up to 220 lbs <- well, that's something at least, some other stuff which isn't really worth mentioning...

I'll explain why that is a real issue tomorrow.


A German that doesn't drink beer????

My world is shattered..


And to think I looked up to him......


lol I was thinking the same thing.


Looking forward to this thread.


Deffinately one of my favorite guys here on T-Nation, and deffinately the number one person who I turn to when I need some training advice.

C_C has a wealth of information and I think everyone could benefit from his knowledge. You the man brother.