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Central States Prep 2011


Hey everyone I have been posting in the RMP thread posting pics while I diet. I decided I will start to post my diet and my workout stuff on here for the next seven and a half weeks. I will start with yesterday

300/20/50 pro/fat/carbs

woke up at 7 had one Roxy lean Am cardio 40 mins SS
8am- two whole eggs six egg whites/ half cup oats
-L-carnitine 500mg,milk thistle,fish oil, Beverly multi
11am-7oz of chx/25g or rice
2pm-two scoops whey mixed with 5g glutamine 5g creatine
30 mins stair climber/abs/calfs
5pm-7oz chx/ 2 servings of gb/ walnuts
715pm-8oz flank steak/ 2 servings asparghus/ walnuts
-L-carnitine 500mg,milk thistle,fish oil,beveerly multi
10pm-8oz flnk steak/ 2 servings GB/ walnuts

I didn't feel to drained which is a good thing but I also get a little draggy after 5pm.


Good stuff. Saw your recent pics on another forum, looking thick.



i am totally jelly of your back development, any tips/advice for training back?


Good to see ya here brotha! Will definitely be following this, as I am also prepping for a contest.


The biggest thinks I tryed to develop when I was starting out lifting weights was to sacrifice the weight so I can feel the muscle actually contracting and feeling the squeeze. After doing that through high school I feel like now when I actually use real weight I can feel the muscles much better. Also I like to stick to very basic movements anything like deadlifts, rows, pull ups, pull downs. It also helped that my back is one of my genetic strong points.


6/22/11-shoulders-184 270/24/75
6am-40 minute am cardio/one roxy lean
730-2 whole egg 5 egg whites/half cup oats
-L-carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, beverly multi
1030- 7oz steak/25g of rice
115pm- two scoops protein 5g glutamine 5g creatine
415-7oz steak/25g rice
-L-carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, beverly multi

-lateral raise machine
two wm up 50,70 20x90 18x110 14x130 drop

-rev pec dec
one wm up 110 15x120 13x140 12x160 9x180

-front raise
15x25 11x30 11x40 12x20

-face pull w/ rope
12x110 12x130 10x150 11x100

-db shoulder press
12x60x7 as fast as possible with little rest

-db shrug with squeeze at top
12x70 12x80 12x90 12x100

-smith back shrug

Took me about 45 minutes I was humping it out.



7am-40 mins am cardio/roxy lean
815-2 whole egss 6 egg whites/ hald cup oats
-L-Carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, multi
1115-5 oz chx 3oz steak, half cup oats
-30 min stair climber/abs/calfs
6-salisbury steak/asparghus
9-two scoops protein w/ 5g glutamine 5g creatine
11- meatloaf/asparghus

It's getting to be that time to switch up my diet. I have to much energy on off days. I think the diet is getting switched up this weekend.


730am- 40 mins cardio roxy lean
830-2eggs/ 5 egg whites/ 3/4 cup oats
-L-Carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, multi
1115- 8oz turkey/ 1/2 cup rice
130pm-scoop and a half protein with 5g creatine 5g glutamine/ half cup oats
415-8oz turkey/1/2 cup rice
730-8 oz t-bone/1.5 cup rice/salad
-L-Carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, multi
945- 7oz chx/ 5oz potato/1.5 cup of rice

2wm 15x140 12x180 10x220

Db Row
x1080 10x90 12x100

Meadows row
45 14x70 10x95 10x95

smith machine row
15x90 12x180 11x250

seated wide row
15x100 12x100 10x130 8x150

rope pull
15x60 15x80 15x80

incline curl
15x25 12x30 9x35

8x60 6x65 6x70

Diet is changing this weekend so hopefully I am gonna be seeing lots of changes.



6am-40 minute am cardio/one roxy lean
715-2 whole egg 5 egg whites/half cup oats
-L-carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, beverly multi
1030- 7oz schicken/30g of rice
130pm- one and a halfprotein 5g glutamine 5g creatine
415-salisbury steak/homemade beef jerky/25g rice
715-8oz pork/veggies a little under half cup oats
-L-carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, beverly multi
915-salisbury steak/salad/veggies

Incline db press
55 70 12x85 12x95 10x100

Flat Db
14x80 13x80 14x80

pec dec
15x100 15x140 9x180

weighted dip
18x45 18x45

cable cross
15x50 15x60 12x60 12x70

rope overhead ext
20x100 19x120 12x150

single arm ext
10x30 10x40 11x40

7 weeks out today



6am-40 mins am cardio/roxy lean
715-2 whole egss 6 egg whites/ half cup oats
-L-Carnitine, milk thistle, fish oil, multi
1030-Salisbury steak/ half cup rice
130pm-7oz chx/aveggies
-30 min stair climber/abs/calfs
4-two scoops protein w/ 5g glutamine 5g creatine
645-9oz pork/salad/veggies
950-9oz pork/Asparghus

-Talked to my trainer today and we changed up my diet added in 25 min pm cardio on my weight days and upped my om cardio on off days up to 40 mins
-not much changed on my diet just a few tweaks on some of my meals and inclusion of some more fat
-he said he thinks that ill come in about 169 170ish the last show i did last year i weighed in around 164 but I was soft and not dieted down all the way
-I already have some seperation in my hammies which i did not have my last show at all
-thank god for carb days!


Lol, amazing the things you look forward to when you're depriving yourself on a regular basis. My girlfriend would lament about how she missed her 1/2 cup of plain oats on her low carb days, and I fully understood.

Keep driving big man.