Central NJ Gym

Hi everyone-

Just moved to the Princeton/Trenton, New Jersey, and i’m looking for a gym where I deadlift and use at least minimal amounts of chalk in peace. Does anyone have any ideas? The only gym i’ve heard of in NJ is up in Rockaway, which is way too long of a trip.


You can get a membership at TCNJ, which I don’t recommend. Check out Powerhouse Gym on route 206. There is another one( I think in Pennington) that I know of and they give you a free week trial. However I think it’s more of a health club. I’ll ask a few friends about it.
PM me if you have any questions.

Firstly, my deepest sympathy moving to Trenton.

Secondly, I also reccomend the Powerhouse as well, ive been there once on a bender. Looked decent at 1 in the afternoon.

Thanks for the replies.

Does anyone know if the Golds Gym on Quakerbridge Road(just off of Route 1/I-95/I-295) in Lawrenceville is open for business or anyting about the joint?

i am the president of the powerlifting club at rider university. sadly there closing down our hardcore gym and opening up a new student fitness center so the club is moving to Man’s World Gym in trenton on brunswick ave off of the 206/rt1 circle. its pretty hardcore there. i suggest you go there becasue its pretty intese. its no health spa il tell u that.

Sorry to bump but this is the most recent thread about central NJ gyms. Anyone been to Man’s World Gym recently? Is it still pretty hardcore? I saw it on powerliftingwatch and it’s pretty close to where I am.