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Central Nervous System Whilst On Test

Morning all,

Question struck me last night when considering overtraining.

I’m currently on 175mg test pw (trt).

I’m finding my recovery amazing and the volume I’m fitting in is like nothing I’ve managed before- I largely do cardio and am able to do triple the volume I could before trt and its doesnt even seem to be phasing my muscles.

I remember reading about overtraining and how a lot of it stems from the central nervous system burning out effectively.

Is this something that also has increased recovery with exogenous test?

Or could being on Test actually facilitate a full time overtraining syndrome over time?

Anyone clued up on this?


Yes, anabolic androgenic steroids increase central nervous system output and recovery.
Some AAS also act as a quasi antagonist of the glucocorticoid receptor and thereby increase CNS recovery.

It is still possible to overtrain. Also when Training as hard off cycle, overtraining is very likely.

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