Central Nervous System Training

I hear this term a lot and not sure what it exactly means. Anybody out there can explain it to a dummy like me? Thanks!

That is a huge question. Look up some of the articles from Chad Waterbury. He has written several.

Very briefly though- Within certain parameters, you can train your neurological systems to function more effectively.

Thats about as far as I go without getting tangled up in dendrites and nodes.

Waterbury does much better.

Yes the above poster pointed you in a great direction.

Pretty much basic outlook is a young lifter (training age) will have a very inefficient CNS. They will only be firing 60-70% maybe if lucky this is why higher rep ranges 8-12 are best for them. They have to use the higer rep ranges higher volume to fatigue the same amount of muscle fibers as an older (training age) lifter who through years of training has become a lot more efficient. Using 80-90% of available fibers , they recruit more muscle fibers to do the work so less total volume is needed to do the same relative amount of damage/fatigue in a training session hence the more experienced lifter reacts best to lower reps ranges higher loads and less volume.

Training the CNS well Lots of time is needed of course. Just flat out time under the bar its not something that changes over night. That and lifting heavy(er) doing things like CW’s 10 x 3. or working up to 3 rep max’s etc. You will slowly become more accustomude to the loading. you will not only build muscle tissue to do the job your body will also bacome better at doing the job. become more type 2 dependent and neurally you will slowly fire better. You will slowly use more of the available fibers at one time hence you will be stronger your usuing more of the muscle at once.

This is also a way for your body to protect itself keep something in the hole for later use. Plus many times the muscle is stronger relative to the connective tissues etc, If 100% of your actual muscle was fired to move a maximal load its a very good chance you will tear something etc.

Thats the very raw basics. It takes time. you have to become accustomed to moving more load or firing FAST. Doing things explosive learning to go from off to ON and turning more of them ON send ing more signal thorugh more pathways.

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Thanks for the help! I’ll do my homework!

This will come in handy

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This will come in handy[/quote]

My understanding is flourishing.

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Eric Cressey had a list posted as to what constitues CNS intensive training in an artcile that was up here the day before this question was asked. :slight_smile:

If you look at it, you see movements that cause you to act maximally in some respect or another. Simply, your Brain and Spinal Cord constitute your CNS, and that is where movement starts. Therefore, CNS training can be thought of as teaching your brain to tell your muscles to act maximally.

As with anything, perfect practice makes perfect. If you look at a powerlifters training, you see alot of singles above 90% of the RM. They are trying to teach themselves to exert maximal force for only one rep (it doesnt matter what they can do twice). That is just an example that I hope makes sense.

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