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Central Nervous System Fatigue

Hello guys, i really need your help. My central nervous system is totally exhausted. I felt it in my grip, muscle endurance, sleep (especially… can’t remember when i woke up fresh and energized) it was like for months… I am taking a break from the gym and thinking how to recovery faster my central nervous system. on February 28th i have a physical test for new job so i need to prepare for it ( leg raises x20, pull ups x16, push up’s x80, 3km for 11min. etc…) . Now i calculating my calories and Macros and thinking should i raise my carbs/good fats (which is better for CNS?) and be in surplus +500 above my maintainnce or just calculate for maintaince both calories and MACROS. Now i am 190cm 90kg and taking 360g-400g of fat/ 200g of protein and 80-100g of good fat’s and 3000kcal~. I really risk to get fat, but i don’t see that i am getting fat with such amount of calories and i don’t exercise at all now. Please help… :slight_smile:

I think you should stop overthinking stuff and stop reading the internet. Seriously. When I took a physically agility test to become a full-time city firefighter, I was smack in the middle of a Smolov cycle. It never crossed my mind to stop for the agility test, despite being physically beat up and no where near 100%. I did get hired, out of 1800 applicants.

All I’m trying to say is… all of this “CNS Fatigue,” macros, counting calories, fat gain, WHAT DO I DO!? talk should stop-- just be a man about it. Seriously. Train for the test, eat well, get your sleep-- and if you’re REALLY worried about, take a few days rest before the test. Done. Stop pouring so much energy into thinking about it.

Yes men with that mindset i was long time and it didin’t help at all i still can’t get quality sleep even with ZMA, Phenibut etc… I tried taking days off and still no results… I just was getting used to it and thinking that’s normal for me, but it really affects my results even with surplus my results are not satisfieng me even with good training program and nutrition… That something deeper and i need to figure it out… I bought amix super vit and mineral pack, maybe it helps

Take time off the gym and go back when you feel like it. Or just do other stuff if you don’t feel like it even afterr a long while. You are overtrained.

Your diet & sleep seems to be meh, but acceptable.

@Phsyco_MAniaC - I’m not sure your comment will be overly helpful considering his question was for a test that was over 5 months ago…

Hi littlesleeper,

Damn. I’m sorry. My bad. Could be cus I’m downing a beer at the same time. After a hard day’s work mind you, coming home to a naggy wifey.

Haha no worries man! I just couldn’t let it go :wink: