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Central London Arrival - Need Temp Gym


I just arrived in London and am looking for a CHEAP temp gym (or personal dungeon). I’m in a serviced apartment for 2 weeks (up to 4) while I find more permanent accommodation. Just had a 2 week vacation in Italy (no gyms), and really need to lift something heavy.

The fitness centers I’ve found so far are greatly overpriced and / or unable to accommodate a short-term membership. If you’ve got a squat rack at your home, I’d be happy to pay you to use it. I live very close to tower bridge on the south side.


Where are you? North / South? What area?

I have a really good gym near me, no membership fees, no induction fees, you can pay by day (£4), week (£10), month (£30), 6 months (£150) or year (£250).


SE1 – just to the south of Tower Bridge

I can easily walk to London Bridge / Borough Street and am considering SOHO Gym but it’s a bit expensive (45GBP/mo).

Where’s the gym you’re talking about?


Hackney, pretty much straight opposite Dalston & Kingsland station on the London Overground.

It’s a proper gym, the kind bodybuilders and powerlifters use. Open 365 days a year.

But it may be a bit far for your to travel. Not sure if it will work out cost effective for you in the long run.


My girlfriend goes to karate at a gym called Tokei or “The hidden gym” and it’s in london bridge, just off the main road near the london dungeon. I’m not sure of the quality of the equipment there, but I’m sure it’s quite cheap.

If you wanna catch a 381 bus towards Peckham, I’m not to far from you and my gym is a few pounds a day.

Thanks Lonon. I think it’s a bit far.

RSGZ, I’ll check out your GF’s gym. London bridge is a really EASY walk.

What’s the name of your gym so I can google it?

I’ve got a free 3 day pass to SOHO gym, on the 3rd day of it and going to Poland this week, but will check this post again once I return.

Thanks for the info!


Link to the map is on the left, just below the menu. The pics look like there it might have the basics, but it may be worth having a look at if it’s close by.

I’ve got a great home gym (powerlifting/strongman) but I’m in Stretham Hill so probably a bit far.

If you decide you want a session then PM me and we’ll sort something out.

Good luck

Hi guys…

I have a similar problem. Recently arrived in London too and currently based near Camden…

I got a 5 day pass to a Fitness First, but not a gym that I want to goto long term. Any ideas of decent gyms in Central London?



Found a perfect gym for the year and made a new friend. Thanks everyone for the help :slight_smile: