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Central Jerz

Movin to central jersey in a bit, can anyone advise a good hardcore gym, and not retro fitness, workoutworld or golds in the area.

and btw defranco’s is too far, but one day id love to work up the strength to get there

There’s a spot in Matawan that’s pretty tight. Where you moving too?

Depends on where you are moving really I know some spots by the shore (monmouth beach area)…need more specifics though.

Are you near Edison or route 287? If so, Apollon Gym.

Hardcore gym - fair amount of bodybuilders, powerlifters, seminars, Dorian Yates is currently training there.

$30 a month


Central Jersey, as in near Trenton ? If so, Mans World Gym on Brunswick Ave.

Still run by Joe Dodd.

I used to train there years ago…now I train at home.

Last time I remember, they still didn’t have air conditioning ! All the hard core bodybuilders trained there that competed in Mr. Trenton, including Phil Hill, who placed 12th in the 1988 Mr. O contest.

You can google Dodd and Hill to check them out.

I am not sure how modern Mr. Dodd has made his gym, but I remember lots of iron, NO universal equipment.