Central Hypogonaidism Treatment, Anyone?

Hello, I’m Edward , 23 years old. Few years ago was diagnosed with central hypogonaidism. Since then Been using T4 and T3 drugs + Nebido injections every 3 months. But I didn’t see any improvement over these few years.
Has anyone here encountered with such condition? Need help, cos my doctors are telling me, that my loss of weight, constant tiredness, feeling cold isn’t because of this disorder. And my weightlifting hobby could even worsen my condition.
Should I change my medications? Been thinking to use Sustanone every 2-3 weeks over Nebido every 3 months.
Any ideas?
Thanks in Advance!

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Post your labs:
LH/FSH from before TRT

Yes, more frequent injections will help.

Feeling cold: Your thyroid function is low. Either fT3 is below mid-range [and]/or rT3 is blocking fT3.
Check oral body temperature when you first wake up, should be 97.7+ and also check that you hit 98.6 in mid-afternoon.