Centopani's Q + A Thread on AnimalPak

Just found this and he has some great stuff to say.

This can double as an Evan Centopani appreciation / current events thread.

is he competing in this years olympia i remember reading something but cant remember, I don’t think he should compete this year pull a phil heath and work on his weak points

awesome thread, thanks artem.

I saw Evan way earlier this year training in Jersey, and he was just thick as hell. Then I got to see him at the NY Pro last month, and all I can say it Geez, this guy has all the tools if he plays his cards right. I gotta agree, if he pulls a heath, and makes a full year worth of improvements, he’s gonna have one helluva package come Olympia time. Top 5 easy.


Not gonna’ lie, I totally have a bro-crush on Evan. He’s the man.