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Censorship on Internet


How do people feel about Censorship on the Internet? I don't think that it is good for children to able to see things like porn etc, but for the most part I feel like the internet shouldn't be censored. I mean, if you don't want to look at something, then don't go to the site. Also, you should be able to express your opinions on things like internet forums without being censored. Just my .02 cents.


Do you think you have a right to libel someone on the Internet?


I agree to a certain extent. The problem is that some porn and other offensive and inappropriate content is found on sites that it shouldn't be, whether it's in pop-ups or banner ads or just an inappropriate picture for children to see (i.e. our current powerful image). So the simple- "don't go to that site" doesn't really work in practice.


Yes, the internet should be censored.
Other than that, I don't believe it should be censored.

The adult who has children who can access the internet should be responsible for learning how to block and limit the usage of it.


If you happen to be refering to censorship on this forum, there's a couple of threads about it.



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Strong, very strong disclaimers and legal safeguards like age verification, but, illegal stuff aside, I say No.

The biggest free library in the world cannot be censored. What a shame that would be. The last bastion of freedom of expression ... lets us keep it that way.



parents need to monitor their childrens use of the internet, TV, liturature, etc..


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Let's imagine that the New World Order is real. I'm confused as to why they would allow the internet to exist with all the free speech and exposure of their occult behavior.

The existance of the internet is the only thing that makes me doubt the truthseeker movement.


Maybe because even if we know about it, we can't change a thing, and/or people don't give a damn, and/or sustained collective action is just a dream ?


Yes, it's up to the parents to do the monitoring of all media. And this can be done 24/7 with no problem.

Tv, radio, Internet, billboards, magazines. You name it.

You guys without kids are sort of funny....


My god if you aren't on drugs I worry for the future of our country...

I second that...

It's not as simple as just controlling it. Sometimes it pops up in the most unexpected places.

When I say censorship is ok, it's just for porn images on non-porn sites. That's it. Most other content is far too advanced for children to figure out.


If it is that much of an issue, Get a product like Zone Alarm with a web filtering feature. That is what I did for the computers my niece uses.

If you can't find one, you haven't looked.

If you haven't looked, you have no room to bitch.

It realy isn't an issue of- "you don't have kids". Thats just a cheezy attempt to lend your opinion a grain of moral and/or emotional relevance.

As far as forums go- They are the property of the company that provides them, and include a terms of use agreement. Violate that agreement, get censored.

What don't people understand about that?


w3rd!!! I completely agree with this sentiment.

For one, if the internet were to be censored or its content otherwise "monitored" by some government-placed agency (ala Homeland Security), exactly what type of limits would their power have? And what would stop them from taking all sorts of other liberties / changing their scope in mid-stream?

And, since the internet is NOT a US-controled entity / communications avenue (hence WORLD-wide web) I seriously doubt all, if any, other countries would agree to censorship governed by the US. I mean, a good portion of what is deemed inappropriate on the web is regular, everyday TV advertisements from Europe, etc.

All in all, like every other form of censorship IMO, this should be the role of the parents. And no one else.


Oh, and before it is questioned, I AM a parent. And I DO take care of my own family, thank you very much.


This is pretty much our stand on it here...


What guys without kids?

I have a 2 1/2 year old, very well diciplined, and very happy daughter.

We'll have our second in about a year.

Thanks for the quick judgment.

I'm sure your kids are very well behaved and happy as well.

There are no bad kids, just bad parents.


This is a strategy of hiding in plain sight. If they eliminated the internet, it would exopse their existance, therefre they let the internet exist so as to not bust their own cover. It is the existance of the internet that is actualy evidence of their presence.

Don't let them fool you man, The X-Files was just a preliminary venture in to this strategy.

(adjusts gumband chinstrap of tinfoil hat...)


Are you serious? You ever take your kids to the pool / beach?


I'd like to draw a distinction between censoring the Internet and having it be censorable.

If there is no way to effectively control what children are able to find on the net, then as a parent you are not able to enforce your values -- unless you are willing to forbid use of the Internet entirely, which will have it's own problems since that is the way society is going.

I'd like the Internet to be censorable, such that adults could make choices about what they wish to allow into their homes, but I don't think it should be censored, such that people can't publish all types of material.

Zeb, you need to relax on whether or not people are able to have useful opinions based on whether or not they have walked in your shoes. Sometimes it happens...


There is also a shut off feature offered by the site. It's in your profile/edit feature. Lowfatmatt also just posted an instruction thread that is on the board now.