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Censorship at T-Nation? - POLL


This forum is owned by Testosterone, LLC, and they have the right to manage it any way they see fit. They moderate it, which is a form of censorship. However, currently, very little is censored. In my short career here, I have had ONE post censored. Apparently, I was not allowed to diss some troll's mother. No big deal. Since opinions are like assholes ( everyone has one ), clashes are inevitable.

In a vain attempt to come up with a more politically correct term for 'fag', I believe that some people are sending a message to the administrators of this site, that we, the members, WANT a more PC site. I think that's wrong. I like this place JUST the way it is. If this forum was anymore censored than it is now, then probably ALL these words from just one thread would be outlawed.

penis dance
Cock Breath
cork smoker
tiny-cocked coward
Suck it fuckface
stool pusher
rump ranger
meat gazer
turd burglar
pole smoker
cock goblin
greasy sausage chuggers
Butt pirate
ass bandit
Stick bundler
Fudge Packer

Imagine, if a poster, let's call him Dirty Harry ( I hope that isn't a real member ) wanted to post something like this.......

Last Saturday night, I fucked some skanky, douchebag slut, and now I got some fucken gooey green slime dripping off my cock, and taking a piss feels like I am shooting razor blades out my dick.

The new, PC version would look something like this.........

Last Saturday night, I had unprotected sex with a female of questionable repute, and now I have a green discharge from my penis, and it hurts when I urinate.

I think the members like the forum the way it is, and would be very disapointed to see it become all politically correct. We have the best mix of education and entertainment here NOW.

I'd like to see other people's opinions on this. To make the forum more politically correct ( that is, MORE moderation, less degrogatory terms, etc. ) or to leave it the way it is.

\|/ 3Toes


I like it the way it is. The members can police their own.


I like T-Nation exactly how it is.


I've had several posts censored, some all together. Not sure if this will even make it through to be honest.

Once, apparently letting people know that a certain supplement was on sale at a grocery store was considered advertising. Ehh, whatever.

but, it's nice to see that they don't threads that turn into flame wars, so kudos on that.


I don't see it as a bad thing. I usualy go over the top at some point, and am glad the mods have some taste when I don't.

One thing I compare censorship or moderation on boards to is a letter to the editor. Have you ever tried writing a letter to the editor?
I don't know about other papers, but if you try to submit one in the paper around here, you have a snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing it in print. Aside from wanting all of your personal information, if it doesn't meet some very subjective and seemingly arbitrary criteria, it will be rejected. The only exception seems to be the occasional lunatic rant that they let through with the writers full name and address. I can only guess that this is to let the entire reading audience know that the person who wrote the letter is a space cadet who lives somewhere near by.

There used to be a lot more gripping about moderation, but it looks like the major complainers either came to terms with it or left.


I actually think that whining should be given estrogen points. Once enough estrogen points are accumulated, the poster should either be kicked off or forced to change his name to "bitch". Since there seem to be several whiners, we can simply number them by calling them "bitch 1", "bitch 2" so on and so forth. Anyone caught following any particular poster around telling them how to post so as not to hurt their feelings should immediately be given the "Dr. Phil Award" and blocked from all manly conversation...unless the topic of knitting or baking cakes comes up.


I thought we went through this....everywhere else in the country is politically correct. This place doesn't have to be, even though most times its alright (for being made up of mostly weightlifting guys, it could be farrr worse).

I understand the "fag" complex. However, I've said it before. Anyone can see from my posts that I am pro-gay rights and what not. But the word "fag" does not mean what it used to. So I will continue using it, sparingly, whenever I feel it appropriate.

I wonder how many guys who whine about it being used on this site actually say it in real life...


Political Correctness is ruining this country. Now guess how I feel and which way my vote is going.


The only real rule I've run across is as follows: "Don't insult people's loved ones, ever." Which sounds like an easy rule to follow, aside from having to throw out all of my funny momma jokes. I think the whole PC fad is retarded, and should not be used, for many reasons that I will not get into. I say, if it ain't broke don't fix it.


I think the moderation has gotten a lot better. I was one of the "complainers," and I think that's how TC viewed those of us who thought the modding was, in some cases, overzealous. But after the big stink about moderation and censorship a while ago, and TC's promise to "look into it," things seem to have gotten much better.

OTOH, perhaps I just grew up a little, and/or stopped trying to post complete BS. The world will never know.


I think the Mods do a good job. They let the idiots disply their idiocy so we know with whom we are dealing.

No need for the Mods to tighten up the language.

They are right to censor ads for other supplements. No reason to help the competition.




Much ado about nothing. T-Nation rules!!


HAHAHA!!! I love this site! You guys kick ass!


Never had a post censored and I don't think T-Nation needs more censorship. This is not Oprah's Book Club or the E-Nation.

I definitely agree about the mama jokes. Best post of the "Worst Pornstar" thread was the second one.


Why not add "bitch" as a suffix?

You know orionbitch, rainjackbitch, vroombitch and so on?

Less confusing?


Why not make them use this (yes, it's a douchebag) as an avatar?




That looks like a bizarro ATHF.

Anyways, I love the site here and the mods do a very good job. I am one who walks the fine line of posting but thats the way I like it so if a post or two get shot down or "edited" i'm ok with that. It actually makes it more fun when you do get to sneak something through, you know... like breaking the rules or something. For those of us who push the limits, there needs to be a limit to push otherwise things would just be boring.



I have personally been censored several times for my content, not my language. In other words, the moderator did not agree with my position and took sides in the debate and did not allow my opinion to be posted. In fact, in one particular issue, I actually had research to back up my point and that was not allowed either.

So beware, the thought police are not as absent as you think on this site and it is already so PC that it sickens me at times. The number of people out there that cannot or refuse to think for themselves is astonishing!