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Celtics Call Out Pool


Much like a death pool, I think we should have a call out pool for all the poor souls that Celtics deems unworthy to post in the BB forum.

My bet for the next victim is the Mighty Stu, because he's A) All over the forum B) Only just became a pro... I mean Celtics has only been training for three years and he's challenging another pro BBer on another forum apparently and lastly C) Because Celtics is not very good with the social skills.


My moneys on maraudermeat, because he's "riding the line between pl'ing and bb'ing". I can just see Celtics saying "I'm calling you out, meat. Time to pick a side already and get serious." lawlz

Also because meat is a strong mofo, and willing to help people out. Celtics seems to call out people that are like this.


This thread needs to be "Celtics call out pool 1.0"


You realize he just craves the attention you guys continue to shower him with.


Yes, he's an obvious troll. His shit is kinda starting to wear thin though


eric....looking small in the shoulders yet fat in your avatar pic.

Seriously, cut for a month like im doing and try again.

Not joking.


I think he'll call me out as he may bear some animosity towards me for thiking he had a stutter in 'real' life.


somebody tell me when celtics posts a "calling out Thibs" thread. because you know, doin that low rep shit aint workin for him.


I wouldnt mind seeing hi calling out all those dumb ass' over at Elite fitness. WTF does Dave and Wendler and Pegg have to show anyways eh? Just judging from the way Celtic talks he could show them a thing or two.

yeah.....like how to eat a cockmeat sandwich. braw!!!!!!!!!

Nards has some decent posts so theres chance of that. Thibs would just say 'WTf!' and never show up in a callout thread for him. He knows not to feed teh trolls neh?

Why do we hate this guy again? I'm just joining in but maybe this guy is just misunderstood. Whats that? I cant hear you...oh! Naked pictures of the guy? ....and countless callout threads for reasons that border on 'drooling shit retarded'? okay then I guess this is what its about.


This thread has potential! I hope he calls out... someone mean. Like this infamous Tribunaldude I keep hearing about (oh no, did I summon him? Is he like Betelgeuse?). While he probably would find something to nitpick at against Stu or Meat, I think for the most part they're too nice to really tear him a new one.


Okay, although he seems ruhtarded at times, Celtics has actually made progress. I feel like we should give him some credit for that, minus the social fuckassery.


And every person he's called out has also made progress and did it without the need to seek social acceptance by calling others out and posting nude photos of themselves.

I'm gonna go with CoolNateDawg for the next one.


It's true his body is looking good, but there's no reason to give him any more than that.

"Hey look! Celtics peed on the carpet!"
That's OK, he's made progress lifting weights.

"Hey look! Celtics made another ashtray in shops class!"
That's OK, he's made progress lifting weights.

And I was wondering why a guy called Celtics is betting that the Lakers will win in 4.


I hope he doesen't own any guns and live near a clock tower lol.

Some advice to celtics: Do not get a job in a hardcore factory, Iv'e seen guys like you get reduced to tears, literally. It's not pretty to see but hilarious I will admit to watch a grown man cry like a baby on the shop floor.

You have made great progress and love to lift, just remember to include some humble pie in your diet, even while cutting.


I see you changed your avatar but you're still wearing that same shirt ... I'm beginning to suspect you only have one shirt


You talkin' to me?


Celtics is a buttfuck.



I think everyone here secretly wishes they were next. I know I do.


Every thread celtics posts his bs in someone brings up the fact that he's made progress so we should give him credit.. Since when does making progress make it accpetable to be a fkn retard?? I don't care what you accomplish in life, a douche is a douch and doesn't deserve the respect of a normal person.

Credit given!, hes made progress, you happy?! Now if it's okay we'd like to focus on what an idiot he is.


Huh? Why? What did I do?