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Cellulitis Sucks - I Got Lazy


I've been on TRT for three years now and have never had an issue with injections save for hitting a nerve every so often. That was up until Thursday.

I was getting ready for work and I was running late. I grabbed my needle, drew up the test and injected it in my right quad. I didn't swab the injection site and on top of that I didn't use a band aid. That night I had some discomfort in my lower quad but I've had that before and it didn't concern me. The next morning I felt like someone took a bat to my lower quad. There was a hard mass about the size of a golf ball that was warm to the touch and the pain was intense when I tried to bend my knee.

I took a hot shower and popped some ibuprofen and went to work. About three hours into my shift The golf ball turned into a tennis ball and the skin was starting to turn red. I went to urgent care and the doc confirmed it was cellulitis caused by staph or strep from me being lazy and half asleep when I injected. He gave me hydrocodone and Bactrim and told me it would get worse before it got better. He wasn't lying. My leg looks like a sausage right from mid quad to the calf now and even with the pain meds it hurts.

I'm telling this story to hopefully save someone else from this ordeal.


At least you don’t inject in your ass…


[quote]dhickey wrote:
At least you don’t inject in your ass…[/quote]

Amen to that. Getting comfortable is hard enough as it is.


Good luck to you. Sounds like a real bitch.